Alden Shoes – 6 Eyelet Chukka in Shell Cordovan

Year after year, the chukka boot continues to be our top selling Alden shoe. After 5 years at the top, we thought it was time to offer a new variation.

Our newest Leather Soul Exclusive Alden shoe is the 6 Eyelet Chukka Boot made on the Grant last, with a reverse welt, and double leather sole. It’s available in burgundy color #8 or black shell cordovan.


19 Responses to Alden Shoes – 6 Eyelet Chukka in Shell Cordovan

  1. I’m not really a chukka fan, but those are nice!!

  2. tom any chance you will make these on barrie

  3. I agree with Rick !!

  4. Hello.
    I want to buy this shoes.
    Could you send it to Japan?

  5. I’m so glad I picked up a pair of these and very happy that you had them made on the Grant last. I believe this is the best fit I’ve had in any Alden last.
    This is a sophiscated yet traditional shoe that’s highly versitile.
    Well done Mr. Park

  6. Tom,

    Once again -great looking shoes. You truly are an artist.

    Now – if I could only make my feet fit into a 12D.

    Thanks – happy holidays.


  7. Tom,
    Any 11D’s in color 8 in this shoe?

  8. Ed,

    Sorry no. We only stocked up to 10D on these.



  9. tom,

    if i’m a 8d/e in trubalance last, will i be a 8.5 in these? if so, do you have the black in stock?


  10. Pete,

    Yes, I would suggest a 8.5D if you are a 8D in the Trubalance. Unfortunately we are sold out of these.



  11. Dear Tom,

    Could you tell us the characteristics of “Grant last”.
    The Barrie last is the most suitable for me.


  12. Picked up a pair of these NOS on Ebay. I still can’t believe my luck. These shoes are so comfortable and they garner compliments all of the time. the 6 eyelets secure the shoes so much better than the 3 eyelet style. Incredible comfort and great looks. with an amazing fit. Comfy all day long. If you see them, buy them.

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