Alden Shoes – The Safari Boot

Our newest Leather Soul Exclusive Alden Shoe is the “Safari Boot.”

Built on the Plaza last with an all around regular welt and commando sole, this boot has touches of elegance combined with rugged utlity. The “Safari” name was inspired by a model by Manufacture d’Horlogerie, Audemars Piguet.


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  1. Very cool! Now I just need to figure out if I can budget these in…

  2. Is that snuff suede?

  3. Matt,

    Yes, it is snuff suede.



  4. The dirty buck version of the Indy Boot. Incredible! I await the grand opening of Leather Soul in Beverly Hills. I must have a pair of Indy Boots for fall!

  5. Tom,

    I am a 12C in the Trubalance and 12D in the Leydon last – what would be your recommendation for the Plaza – 12D?


  6. Very nice and clean design. Thank you for releasing quality boots! If I hadn’t picked up some Indys, these would have been very tempting.

  7. Any size 11s left? (I’m guessing not).

    Thanks Tom.

  8. So very tempting; snuff suede gets me every time. Very close to what I want…Tom any way to get cognac or something similar to the snuff color…in a leather that could hold up through the winter…on the commando sole of course.

  9. Fellers, I am not getting pre order list/! I have given you my email twice now could you please add me! Thanks. Please double check but I did not get offer for the now suede Alden Boot.

    • Jason,

      We discontinued the preorder mailing list last year. We have had 2 preorder opportunities posted on the website already this year. Please check back to our website as I hope to post at least one or two preorders a month.



  10. Hi Tom, My wife wants a pair. She wears 8D womens. Do you have any experience with women in the plaza or other lasts?

  11. Mike,

    I would guess 6D but I can’t be sure.



  12. Thanks Tom, I will be waiting!

  13. wow – gorgeous

  14. I see our Tom is a WIS huh 🙂
    Saw your pic on TZ gtg report and was like whoa

    Nice boots man..

  15. Love the Audemars reference!!

    Is there a “Volcano” in the works?!?!?!?

  16. Hi Tom, 10.5 left by chance?

  17. Hello Tom,
    Would you happen to have any size 11.5 E or 12D pairs available?
    In fact, do you ever carry E widths for Aldens?
    R. Curt

    • R,

      I hardly order E widths for stock unless special ordered by a customer. I post preorders about once a month for future reference.

      I do have one pair of 12Ds left so if you are interested please let me know.



  18. Do you have size 8 D left?


  19. do you have 11 1/2?

  20. beautiful boots, next time you order i would love a 12E as always…..

  21. Beautiful boot! This is a long shot Tom . . . would you happen to have any 9Ds available in the Safari boot?

    As ever,

    Congratulations on the new store!

  22. Sam,

    Found a 9D during the move! Contact us if you are interested!



  23. These are great. Anything left in 11 or 11.5? or 12?

  24. Hi Tom,

    do you have a 9,5 in this boot?
    Can you ship to Europe?

    Thanks, D

  25. Hi Tom,

    Any Size 7D for the safari Boots?
    I’m keen. 🙂


  26. tom, so the next batch will be september 2010?


  27. Tom, any idea when you will be getting more of these in? Thanks.

  28. Would it be possible to get on a waitlist/email notification when they come in? Would love to pick up a pair.

    • Devin,

      We have them on order and we are taking preorders. If you are interested please let us know your size and we will check availability. I’m sorry, we don’t have an email notification list.



  29. could you email me the pre-order price on these & any other available alden boot pre-orders? thank you.

  30. Tom, do you have these in yet? Thanks. Brendan

  31. Brendan,

    Sorry, not yet. I will make a post as soon as they arrive, tentatively around Fall.



  32. I was wondering if I could pre-order these in a 9.5? Do these run true to size?


    • Ashur,

      Yes, you can preorder a pair as long as you don’t mind the wait. They do run true to size. If you are interested in placing an order, please email or call us.



  33. Tom;

    I was wondering if you had gotten in your next shipment of Safari Boots (commando soul) and if I could reserve a size 11.

    Michael J
    Seattle, WA

  34. Tom, when do you expect to have the re-order of these boots in? Thanks.


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