Edward Green – Southwold in Black


April 7, 2010

One of our favorite Edward Green models is the Southwold.

Black may be boring, but it is an essential and particularly looks spectacular on the Southwold on the 82 last.

Southwold, 82 Last, Black

6 Responses to Edward Green – Southwold in Black

  1. Tom you sure that’s 888 ?

  2. Thanks for catching my mistake! I will change it now.



  3. Incredible! A Southwold will be my first EG.

  4. Hi, do any of your EG’s come ina British size 12? This is my size in Lobbs, so i’m guessing it will translate in a similar way.



    • Tony,

      Sorry, no. It would need to be a special order. We only stock up till 11.5D at LSBH. If you are interested please let us know.



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