Alden Shoes – Unlined Suede PTBs (LSW)


May 3, 2011

Back in stock, the perfect Spring shoe from Alden. Our unlined suede PTBs are built on the Barrie last, unlined in the toe box, with a flex insole and oiled leather flex outsole. Wear them sockless, they’ll be more comfortable than flip flops!


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  1. Are the colors available just snuff and navy? Do you have tham in an 11D

  2. Anthony,

    Yes, just snuff and navy as pictured. Feel free to call LSBH, they had tan suede ones last year and may still have some in stock.

    11D available in navy, snuff has been sold out.



  3. I love the idea and execution. Unfortunately I just won’t buy any more Barrie lasted shoes. Please consider a re-order on the Hampton or Leydon lasts.

  4. Thanks Jacob. Sorry the Barrie doesn’t work for you.

  5. Tom,

    Not a complaint — just a follow-up to Jacob’s post. I too am in the minority that the Barrie just doesn’t work for. I LOVE the Hampton and like the Plaza — not a fan of the Barrie. But I am really looking forward to receiving my 202 lasted shoes. At least in the photos, that last looks amazing!


  6. Thanks Kyle. FYI, we have Hampton shell plain toes coming soon…



  7. Hey Guys, if I can ask… just wondering why the barrie doesn’t work? Too big in the toebox, or just a appearance thing?


  8. The Barrie is too wide for me in the heel. More specifically, the difference in width between the heel and forefoot is too small. Thus, if I fit the heel the toe box is too narrow. Fit the forefoot and my heel swims.

    I actually really like the look of the Barrie. The Leydon has a very similar look but with a more conventional heel/toe box width difference. I think the Barrie probably fits a particular shape of foot very well, but I wonder how common that foot shape really is.

  9. Morning,TOM,

    Now stock again!,

    so let me make an order

    For Navy 8D! Available?


  10. Harada-San,

    Ohayo gozaimasu! Yes, we have 8D. I will have Kuni email you.



  11. Hello Tom,

    No chance you have either of these in an 8EE is there?


  12. Damn. 2 in a row! Is 9D available?


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  14. How long till the #8 ptbs on Hampton . . . .?

  15. Tom,

    Thanks. Guess I’ll have to wait for my pre-order from you guys to arrive.


  16. gosh these are beautiful…7D navy available ?

  17. Hi Beatle,

    Sorry, no 7Ds left already.



  18. Tom,
    Any 7D in stock in Snuff?

  19. Tom,

    9.5 left in either?


  20. These are greatly looking shoes Tom!

  21. Tom,
    I wear a 7D in Barrie last. Would 7 1/2 be too long or too large over all in the PTB?

  22. Bryan,

    Yes, 7.5D would be large.



  23. Do you have an 8.5 D in the navy and or snuff?

  24. 12D in either still around?

  25. Hi Tom-

    These look great! Do you have 9D in snuff available?

  26. Is 7.5D in navy available?

  27. Christopher Tanner on

    Do you have either color in size 9D?

  28. Tom-

    My brannock is a 12E, and I wear an 11.5E in cordovan longwings. What size would you recommend?

  29. Hi,
    Do you have the snuff in size 6?

  30. Dear tom

    Do you have any color in size 6.5D?
    Please confirm.

  31. Tom,

    Beautiful alternative to the traditional buck. Do you have an 11.5 in snuff?



    Hi Tom,

    Do you have 8D NAVY in stock?



  33. Okazaki-San,

    Sorry, we are completely sold out of the navy version.



  34. Kouichi Maekawa on

    Dear Tom

    Do you have any color in size 6D?
    Please confirm.


  35. Do you have an 11.5 I navy?

  36. David Conklin on

    Do you have the snuff in 11.5D?

  37. Sean,

    Sorry, we’re sold out of Navy.



  38. Tom,

    Are you out of all sizes in Navy? Do you have an 8D in Navy?

  39. Do you have an 8D in the brown (snuff)?

  40. Tom,

    Any idea when these will be back in stock? I really want a pair of snuff in 11.5D.

  41. Tom,

    What does PTB stand for?

    Thanks, Craig

  42. Any snuff suede in 11M available? I suspect not but I thought I would try

  43. Tom

    Will you be re-ordering these in snuff for the spring? If so can I pre-order 10D?



  44. Hi,

    Yoiu have these coming in again? What did they retail for ?


  45. Hi, should i concern about stretching for unlined suede? I wear 7D in Cordovan.

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