Alden Shoes – Cigar Barrie V-Tip (LSW)


May 4, 2011

Our latest version of Alden’s iconic V-Tip is the cigar shell cordovan Barrie V-Tip. For this run we changed to sole to the extremely comfortable and durable single oiled leather sole.

We apologize for the tease but these have been all pre-sold. Unfortunately there is no waiting or pre-order list for these. We wish there was a larger supply of cigar shell cordovan so we could offer these to everyone.


18 Responses to Alden Shoes – Cigar Barrie V-Tip (LSW)

  1. Hi Tom,

    Beautiful shoes. May I ask, if there’s no pre-order, how do people such as myself not living in LA or Hawaii, buy cigar shell cordovan from LeatherSoul?



  2. Hi Tarang,

    That’s a valid question. The honest answer is that we offer these types of shoes to well established customers first. It has nothing to do with being local, although being local definitely helps.

    I apologize to all who desire a pair.



  3. Horween needs to make more cigar. Seriously. None of the other shell colors come close.

  4. I cried a little when I saw this.


  5. Best shoes for the season. It is cruel there is no chance to order one.

  6. James,

    I agree.



  7. David,

    Sorry about that.


  8. Thanks Gino, and sorry we couldn’t have more stock.



  9. Sold out so quickly?

  10. Robert,

    They were pre-sold.



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  12. Tom,

    Is there a certain $ figure one must spend to get on the preferred list?

  13. Colin,

    To be honest, we try to offer special models to those who purchase at least 6-8 pairs a year from us. We give preference to local customers as well. It helps to create relationships with our staff as then they have a vested interest in getting you what you desire.

    It gets increasingly tough since our customer database grows everyday. It’s impossible for us to make everyone happy with 36 or 48 pair order runs.



  14. Tom,

    Thanks for the clarification.

  15. Very nice shoes, but this post sends many of your customers who purchase less than 6-8 pairs a year or potential new customers mixed signals. Why post these shoes at all? I personally find ordering 6-8 pairs of shoes (a year) obscene and am continually discouraged by the bias given to your “regular” customers. Yet I continue to comeback and visit your site as you have a great selection of Aldens. At some point I will take my shoe business to your competitors – Alden of Carmel, Leffot, Shoemart etc. Yet I will never order 6-8 pars a year so maybe you won’t care. As a consumer we have a choice and I find your unapologetic favoritism to your wealthiest customers troubling.
    Yet….I will continue to check your website as I love Alden shoes, I am just not that crazy about Leather Soul. 🙁

  16. Greg,

    Sorry to disappoint you. Unfortunately that’s just the nature of retail. I have no choice but to give favor to my regular customers. Why wouldn’t I take care of those who trust me with their repeat business and friendship?

    I post these shoes up because there are so many Alden fans out there who have never or probably will never buy a pair from us, however, they appreciate checking out great shoes.

    I’m glad there are other options for everyone these days. AoC, the Shoe Mart, and Leffot are all great options. Steven at Leffot is a wonderful guy and I hope you give him a chance first. He will definitely take care of you.



  17. Tom,

    Do you think that the V-Tips in general can be worn with a suit in a business environment or are they too casual. Just looking for your opinion.



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