Saint Crispin’s – 215 Cap Toe (LSW & LSBH)

Leading off on our opening day lineup from Saint Crispin’s is the 215 cap toe oxford on the chiseled last in black.  We opted for the chiseled last on a style of shoe primarily seen on a round toe last.

Every man need a black cap toe oxford in their wardrobe and this would be an amazing one to own.

$1700.00 (lasted, hollowed shoe trees included)

2 Responses to Saint Crispin’s – 215 Cap Toe (LSW & LSBH)

  1. Hi. Leather soul.

    I am Seo from Korea.

    Can I have your stock list of Saint crispin 7.5F?

    And by any chance, is there any special discount Saint crispin model
    for my size?

    Best regards

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