SC #545

I’ve never liked shoes with kilties until I saw this shoe worn right. This Saint Crispin’s #545 on the classic last was a special MTO for a very good customer of ours. I can envision someone wearing a nice tailored dress shirt with knit tie, sports jacket, slim fitting chinos with 2″ cuffs, and these…it would make a great Spring outfit.

9 Responses to SC #545

  1. does it come in green ?

  2. When SC finishes a calf shoe, it has nearly the same depth of color as Shell Cordovan. I don’t think I’ve seen that from anyoen else. They really do an amazing job.

  3. Beautiful Tom!! I just praised them on the blog. Maybe you will get some more hits for them. It would be nice to see more gentleman wearing unique pieces such as this.


  4. more shoe park on

    like the golf shoe, does it come dethable? my spelling is not good. sorry!

  5. Phillip C Robertson on

    I need to know if you have this shoe? And what is the cost? Thank you.

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