Alden Shoe – 4 Eyelet PTB Restock (LSW & LSBH)

Our Alden 4 Eyelet PTB (or Nassau Blucher) has been an extremely popular alternative to our best selling 990/9901 PTB series. The 4 eyelets, single leather sole, and regular close heel welt make this PTB a dressier alternative to the 990/9901.

Available in color #8 and black shell cordovan.


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  1. Are these available in size 10C? If so, who can I call or email to learn more? thanks, Jeff

  2. Is there a color #8 in size 10D or 9.5E?

  3. murakami on


    #990 色 #8 サイズ 10 D 

    #1339 色 #8 サイズ 10 D

    #1348 色 whiskey 10 D

    #2210 色 #8 サイズ 10 D

    #81904 色 #8 サイズ 10 D

    4EYELET PTB #8 サイズ 10 D

    なお、上記の各製品でwhiskey サイズ 10 Dが御座いましたら、そちらも教えて下さい。

    以上 在庫の有無、価格を教えて下さい。宜しくお願い致します。

  4. I love this make-up and have since you did the 4×4. I just wish it were available in more colors. Ravello or cigar would be amazing. Heck, tan calf or even a dark CXL version would be very interesting.

  5. Hi,

    Just confirming that the 4×4 are still on the Barrie last? It’s a little hard to tell because these look so sleek and refined.


  6. Sorry, meant to say, these 4 eyelet PTBs, not the color #4’s.

  7. Hi Tom,

    Just wanted to thank Oki for providing great help and can’t wait to receive my color 8 4 Eyelet PTB.

    You got me as a customer for long time and I’ve already pre-ordered another pair.

    Best Regards,


  8. are these available in size 12

  9. Are orders currently being taken for these shoes?

  10. Do you still have these available in black in a size 8.5?

  11. DO you have size 8D in stock ??

  12. Hi, I have been so regretful for not placing an order on this PTB 4-eyelet cordovan # 8 in the past..

    I will like to have Size 7D…if there is a restock…then CAN I have a chance to purchase from you?

    We are from Vancouver, B.C. and hope you can help.

    Appreciated. Thanks.

    Kennie C

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