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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

February 6, 2012

Tricker’s – Burgundy Super Shoe (LSW & LSBH)

Our newest Tricker’s model, the “Super Shoe,” was made even more super, by our addition of a medallion on the toe and metal eyelets. Rich burnished burgundy calfskin coupled with a red dainite sole looks great with denim or chinos and is a perfect replacement/improvement for those old sneakers in your rotation.

*LSBH stock will arrive this week. Please contact to reserve your pair.


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Edward Green – Holborn & Shelton (LSW)

Bluchers are great for those with high insteps but are considered more casual than traditional oxfords. Our latest Edward Green releases are the Holborn and Shelton, dressy takes on a typically casual shoe.

Our Holborn is in Dark Oak Antique and the Shelton is in Hazel Antique. Both on the 888 last, the elongated silhouette and 2 and 3 eyelet designs make these bluchers as dressy as bluchers can be.


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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

January 29, 2012

LSW Alden Factory Visit

On Friday January 27th, we were fortunate enough to make our yearly visit to the Alden factory in Middleboro, Massachusetts. It was the first visit for Shig, Will, and Oki. A full day of hands-on learning topped off with a hearty lunch at the Fireside Grill and dinner at Burton’s Grill with Alden’s owner, Art Tarlow and VP Bob Clark gave priceless insight and knowledge to the guys so that they may be able to better assist you with your Alden needs.

Rest assured, Tom has a bunch of new ideas brewing after this visit as well…

Mahalo Art, Bob, and Nate for your hospitality and continued support!

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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

January 25, 2012

Alden Shoe – Black Lady Calf Tanker (LSW & LSBH)

One of our most popular Alden boot makeups is back in stock. The black lady calf tanker boot not only looks great but feels amazing due to Alden’s soft tumbled lady calf. An antique edgetrim really makes the boot, creating a nice contrast with the black calf and black commando sole.

Due to the nature of lady calf, texture and grain patterns of each boot may vary.


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Saint Crispin’s – 316 Semi Brogue Saddle Blucher (LSW)

Our latest Saint Crispin’s model is the 316 in red 076 Inca grained calf. What makes this semi brogue blucher so unique is the saddle detailing. We chose the classic last to keep it classic, and had the edgetrim done in light antique to make the 076 Inca really pop.

($1700.00, lasted, hollowed shoe trees included)

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Edward Green’s Top Drawer program gives you the opportunity to customize their models above and beyond what is possible in their MTO program. Changes to medallions, wings/caps, fitting adjustments, etc, can all be done in TD.

Greater attention to detail is also placed on TD orders as a single shoemaker is in charge of a single pair from beginning to completion.

EG TD starts at $1600.00.

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