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April 6, 2016

Alden Shoe – Cognac Flex Boot Restock (LSW)

Our favorite Spring time boot is back in stock, the Alden cognac flex boot.

Supple cognac lady calf paired with Alden’s flex welt construction and oiled leather sole make this boot one of, if not the most comfortable boot we’ve offered.

*Please note, due to the nature of Alden’s lady calf, there will be variations in grain patterns on each boot.

(Barrie last, $595.00)

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March 21, 2016

Alden Shoe – BLA01 (LSDT)

Our first collaboration with Tom’s new bar, Bar Leather Apron, is BLA01, a Hampton plain toe blucher in burgundy dress calf.

We designed this shoe to match the style of BLA, classic with modern elegance. The plain toe design was chosen to accentuate “bar patina,” alcohol spills and water spots. The oiled waterlock sole helps on wet floors while the Goodyear rubber heel adds comfort for 14 hour days on your feet.

(Hampton last, $535.00)

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Alden Shoe – The #8 Plaza Indy Boot (LSW)

A throwback description from 2010, prior to the cordovan crisis:

“Not sure if we can even call it an Indy Boot… For our newest Leather Soul Exclusive Alden boot, we took the Indy Boot pattern and had it made on the Plaza last.

Available in burnished tan calf or burgundy color #8 shell cordovan. A hand stitched moc toe and commando sole round out the details.”

The 2016 release was extremely limited and only available in #8 cordovan.


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Alden Shoe – JC Conservation Boot (LSW)

Our next version of the Alden Conservation Boot is the “JC” version, named after our very own Justin Cariaga, Manager of LSDT. After an experimental polishing job on his own pair of original natural Chromexcel Conversation (LSxSE) Boots, Justin’s pair turned out just like these. We thought they looked great so we decided to do a run in brown Chromexcel to match Justin’s pair.

(Trubalance last, $595.00)

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Alden Shoe – Burnished Tan Barrie Shortwing (LSW)

It’s been a record cold Hawaiian February with temperatures dipping into the high 50’s. Too cold to start thinking about Spring? We think not after seeing these Burnished Tan Barrie Shortwings.

The red brick micro sole will give you an extra Spring in your step. Pair them with your favorite chinos and button down shirt.

(Barrie last, $565.00)

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