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Alden Shoe – Hampton Suede NSTs (LSW)

Our latest Alden makeup us the 6 eyelet flex NST on the Hampton last. Typically made on the Aberdeen or Barrie last with 5 eyelets, our version on the Hampton fits most foot shapes very well and the 6 eyelet pattern also adds to the enveloping and supportive feel on the foot. Alden’s flex welt coupled with their flex insole and oiled leather sole make for an extremely comfortable shoe, especially in buttery soft suede.

Available in navy and humus suede.

(Hampton last, $555.00)

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Edward Green – Holborn in Dark Grey Alligator (LSW)

When a client showed interest in finding dark grey alligator we asked our friends at Edward Green to source it for us. The shade they found was perfect and here is the end result: the Holborn on the 888 last.

We do have a few pairs in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Please contact us if you are interested.

(888 last, $5000.00)

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Waikiki, Beverly Hills

August 26, 2013

Alden – Color #8 Plaza Cap Toe Boot Restock (LSW & LSBH)

Our Plaza Cap Toe Boot continues to be a top seller for us since we introduced it back in 2008. Our latest restock gives you two options, the original with blind eyelets and a new version with metal eyelets.

A double leather sole and regular, close heel welt round out the details of this extremely versatile boot.


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July 25, 2013

New Balance – 996ST & 996 (LSDT)

We’ve just received a large shipment of New Balance shoes at LSDT. First up are two new 996 releases, the 996ST and the classic 996.

The 996ST is part of NB’s American Rebel Collection, a classic navy, black, and white colorway with a accent of red that looks great with any outfit.

The 996 is a reissue of the original colorway emphasizing the old saying, “classics never go out of style.”

Both are no-brainer must-own models in our opinion.

Made in USA.


Categories: Brands, Casual Shoes, Limited Edition, New Balance