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Alden Shoe – Plaza Balmoral (LSW)

It’s been about 5 years since we’ve had the Plaza Balmoral in stock. (Please see the last photo to see how a 5 year old pair has aged.) After the initial response in-store we realize that it should be a shoe we have on order constantly.

A simple and versatile shoe, the Plaza Balmoral works great with suits all the way down to jeans. One may even wear the black version with a tuxedo.

Available in black or color #8 shell cordovan.


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Alden Shoe – #8 Pitt Boot (LSW)

Our Alden Pitt Boots continue to be one of our most coveted boots. The details of a double waterlock sole, antique edgetrim, and vintage inspired rubber heel are what make this boot the winner that it is.

It’s funny that we haven’t already released a #8 version of this boot but regardless of that we are happy to finally release it to you now.


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Alden Shoe – The LS8 Pack (LSW)

It’s incredible how fast time flies when you’re having fun!

8 years ago in 2004 Leather Soul opened its doors to the public in a humble space on the ground floor of the Topa Financial Center in Downtown Honolulu. Although things are quite different on the surface today (with a staff of 12 and a location in Waikiki and Beverly Hills), the same passion for sharing our love of shoes and fashion still is the driving force for our motivation.

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