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Edward Green – Buxton in Rosewood Country Calf (LSDT)

Edward Green’s Buxton is essentially an unlined penny loafer version of the Dover. A handsewn Norwegian apron and split toe gives the Buxton its unique look. As an unlined shoe the Buxton is extremely comfortable, which makes it very wearable sockless, perfectly matching with chinos or trousers with no break, to complete the “LS look.”

(61 last, $1350.00, shoe trees included)

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October 29, 2013

Individualized – LS x Ind. Dress Shirts (LSDT)

We are happy to introduce Individualized for Leather Soul dress shirts, available at LSDT. Our first order features three dress options; two classic spread collar shirts and one Brooks inspired button-down collar. The cut is a modified American slim flit: tailored waist, clean back, higher arm holes, and a slightly shorter sleeve.

Made in USA.


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