Saint Crispin’s – Sample Sale


March 7, 2013

Saint Crispin’s factory mistakes, refused or canceled orders, and wholesale sample shoes are now available for sale at LSDT. These “sample shoes” are a great way to get in to a pair of Saint Crispin’s at an extremely reasonable cost.

To check availability in your size, please contact Justin at and he will reply with a detailed listing of shoes available in your size.



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  1. please let me know what shoes and boots are available in sizes UK 9 THROUGH 10.5.
    thank you.

  2. Andrew Dorai on

    Hi Tom,
    Two mails to Justin since yesterday and no word back. Appreciate it if uou could assist in any way. Thanks!

    • Andrew,

      Please be patient. Justin runs LSDT as a one-man operation and has to reply to 60+ emails per day about the sale. He is open Monday-Friday from 10am-6pm. He will be getting back to everyone in the order they emailed.



  3. Tried contacting Justin yesterday. Still no response. I need to know what is available in US 10.5D. Sorry to post here, but sent email first thing yesterday morning per instructions and have heard nothing. Thanks!

  4. Same. No response.

  5. I received a very detailed reply from Justin over the weekend. Thank you very much!

  6. Tom,

    I received a great reply from Justin over the weekend. I am so used to the immediate and excellent service I get from Leather Soul that I was surprised it took more than one day. That’s the price of great service — your customers become unreasonable in their expectations!! Thanks to Justin for being so quick as a one man show!

  7. Any St. Crispins in 7.5 UK?

  8. Any St. Crispins in US 9 ~ 9.5 or . UK 8.5 ~9 Plz~^^

  9. Hi tom

    Please uk10 size

  10. Can you check if you have any St Cripsin’s from the “sample sale” in size 9.5-10US?

  11. Pls do you have any Saint Crispin size 7.5. Which models are available.
    Thanks Wim

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