Saint Crispin’s – Sample Sale II (LSW)

We’ve received another shipment of  “sample shoes” from Saint Crispin’s. These sample shoes are a great way to get in to a pair of Saint Crispin’s at an extremely reasonable cost.

To check availability in your size, please email and we will reply with a detailed listing of shoes available in your size.

SIZES 8 – 10 US (7 – 9 SC) ONLY!


24 Responses to Saint Crispin’s – Sample Sale II (LSW)

  1. size 8 please

  2. Please could you let me know what you have available in size 9 UK?

    Thanks and best wishes


  3. Can you tell me what St. Crispin’s are available in 10 US (I take it that is a 9 SC)?

  4. Hi,

    Anything in a UK 9? Also, I take a wider fitting usually, so guidance on any models that have more room in the forefoot, would be welcome.

    Thanks a lot,


  5. いつもお世話になっております。
    さて、Saint Crispin’sのセールの在庫をお知らせ頂ければ幸いです。John Lobbでは、7 1/2を履いております。


  6. Hi

    I usualy take an 8.5 or 9 depending on make.
    Please advise as to current avalibility.


  7. I’m a size 8 U.S on the Brannock. What have you got?

  8. William Stutman on

    Hello. I am looking for Saint Crispin sample shoes in size 8 US.

  9. My size is 9.5or10, check “Saint Crispin’s – Sample Sale II”please.

  10. Greetings.

    Interested in the St. Crispin sample sale. {Alden plaza last 9.5 D.}
    Uk size 8.5 F

    Thank You


  11. Seung Rok Hwang on

    Do you have any in 9G?

  12. this is amazing to me how many people still ask on here.

  13. Any sz uk7 in blue or navy pls

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