Alden Shoes – The Red Soul Longwing


March 4, 2010

We apologize for the lack of updates but really do think these were worth the wait. Our newest Leather Soul Exclusive Alden shoe is the Red Soul Longwing.

Recent longwing collaborations between Alden and “big box” retailers have left true Alden fans wanting more. A tan longwing is nice, but these are what those big boys should have been coming up with to pair with their rolled up jeans and plaid dress shirts.

Our Red Soul Longwing is made on the Grant last for a little more shapely look, with burnished red walnut calfskin, brass metal eyelets, and a red micro rubber sole. Flat waxed laces round out the vintage Americana theme.


30 Responses to Alden Shoes – The Red Soul Longwing

  1. Sold, when are these available?

  2. My God those are beauties!!! 😉

  3. hello Tom , do you have this pair in black shell cordovan ??

  4. Tom,

    Looks great! I’m in for a 10.5 D-

  5. Wow!

    Tom, these are wild – and wildly original!



  6. Tom,

    How does the Grant last fit if I am a 7.5 in the Barrie LWB?

  7. glenn yoshimori on

    aloha tom: your new shop looks great especially with that window. makes for a superb spacious sales area. but living and dining rooms? tom, was taken aback with your posted red soul longwing. my right foot has that funny bone sticking out. you had to stretch my alden right shoe while you were still at topa. am still a 7.5 – 8. what is the sole on this red soul longwing? am still avoiding sliding over the airplane carpeting … not that i could wear this particular shoe while working aboard my united airlines flights. please advize. glenn yoshimori, mililani. aloha.

  8. Hi Glenn,

    Great to hear from you. I hope things are well. Please stop by one day and check out the new store. It’s a lot like the old Topa shop…but better! Also, if you can make it on tax day, April 15, we’re having a grand reopening party. I’d love to see you and Mrs. Yoshimori there.



  9. glenn yoshimori on

    aloha tom: have marked the 15th of april. please let me know the deails. minnie and i would love to attend. plz let me know info on your posted red soul longwind shoe. just what i need for cruising. aloha from mililani. glenn.

  10. Glenn,

    Unfortunately I am pretty confident the Red Soul Longwings wouldn’t fit your feet well. The last is on the narrow side.



  11. Aloha Tom,
    This is a lovely pair of Alden! I’ve been searching for alden longwings and am a fan of Red soul shoes. Do you ship to Singapore? Also, how does one protect rubber souls as I do walk a lot and tend to wear out my heels easily? Do you also happen to stock Alden longwings in regular double leather sole? I wear a US9 normally , should I be gettig a US8.5 for this shoe?


    Warm Regards,

  12. Arthur,

    Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately we are sold out of both 8.5D and 9D. For future reference, shipping to Singapore is $55.

    We do have the standard #975 shell cordovan longwings in stock though, which fit 1/2 size larger than standard US dress shoe sizing.



  13. Dear Tom, again to to late i am afraid but 9,5d???

  14. Will you be restocking this model or was it a only a single run? Looking for an 8.5D.



  15. i cant wait to have mine…..

  16. I hope its not uncouth to ask an off topic question…but an idea where one could go to get similar (flat, waxed, blue) laces to the ones on these? I was thinking they might look good on some dirty bucks that I have.

  17. hi tom,what sz do u recommended cause i wear a sz9 for church shoes and do u have a sz that i could fit and also do you have the same design in blk with leather sole to go with my suits.thanks

    • Ray,

      Sorry, I do not have experience with Church’s sizing. We do not have this shoe in black with a leather sole. I believe you can find this shoe in black shell cordovan with a double leather sole from the Alden Shop in San Francisco or Washington DC. Please feel free to contact them directly.

      If you have any other questions please let me know.



  18. how about do u have these in sz9

  19. Ray,

    Sorry, we are sold out of size 9D.



  20. Hi Tom

    Still have a 9.5D in stock??? I would love to pick up a pair if you do!


  21. Vincent,

    Sorry, we are actually sold out.



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