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Waikiki & Beverly Hills

March 28, 2013


Saphir is our polish of choice here at Leather Soul. We’ve just received a restock of a full line of creme, wax polish, shell cordovan polish, and Renovateur.

We have neutral, black, dark brown, medium brown, and burgundy creme, black and burgundy shell cordovan polish, black, dark brown, and burgundy wax polish, and of course everyone’s favorite, Renovateur in stock.

(Creme, SC Polish, and Reno $20.00, Wax Polish $8.00)

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Waikiki, Downtown

March 20, 2013

Frank Clegg at LS

For more than 40 years, Frank Clegg’s passionate dedication to quality has helped the Frank Clegg brand achieve and maintain a reputation as one of the finest US makers of leather goods in the world. Frank is based in Fall River, Massachusetts, a short drive from the Alden HQ.

We are proud to introduce Frank Clegg to Leather Soul’s lineup of world class artisans.

Frank Clegg products are available at Leather Soul Waikiki and Leather Soul Downtown.

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