Alden Shoes – The Leather Soul Ultimate Indy in Black


July 31, 2008

One of the most highly anticipated boots has finally landed…The Leather Soul Ultimate Indy Boot…in Black Aniline Calf.

Most have already been pre-sold. Call or email us quickly to see if your size is still available!


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  1. Hi Tom. I have some All-Weather Walkers on the Tru-Balance last and love them. They are among my most comfortable shoes. Good fit for me (after I removed the half-insole orthotic insert that came with them, that is). Will the Indy boot fit about the same as the All Weather Walker? If not, what’s the difference? Does it also have a removable insert? Thanks. Jon

  2. Jon,

    Thanks for the comment. The fit should be the same if it is on the Tru-Balance last, however there is no half insole in the Indy Boot. So, if you like the fit without the insole, you may like the fit of the Indy.

    However, if you are not familiar with the fit of the Indy Boots, I’d highly recommend trying a pair on in person before ordering.



  3. Greetings, Tom,

    I’m considering the Indy boot in black. Have you any size 10.5?

    All the best,

  4. Tom, have you got 10D ? I`m also interested in this Indy in Black.
    And , a question about Alden`s Size: for example 10D and 10E,what`s the difference between this two size ? I know that E is a little bit wider than D,right ?

  5. Any more of these coming soon?

  6. Sean,

    Sorry, probably not.


  7. Will you still carry these at all?

  8. can I place a pre-order for these?

  9. Any possibility of getting more of these? Thanks…

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