Alden Shoes – The Hawaiian Stomper

To come up with the design for our newest Leather Soul Exclusive, “Hawaiian Stomper,” we started with our Ultimate Indy Boot and decided to make a low cut version of it. Instead of brown aniline calf, we chose a more rugged oiled dark brown kudu. A chunky double leather sole, reverse welt, and flat waxed laces round out the design.

Pair these Hawaiian Stompers with your Japanese denim or tweed slacks, they’ll look great either way.

Whether it’s the hard pavement of New York City or the sandy beaches of Waikiki, these shoes were made for a stompin.


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  1. Dear Tom.

    Do you have 9D yet ? If you have, please reserve for me.

    I will order it right now!

    By the way, kudu is an antelope in South Africa, isn’t it ?

    Sincerely, ucchie.

  2. Dear Tom.

    If you’d like, please show me the another photo of this shoes.

    Sincerely, ucchie.

  3. why no size 12?

  4. Js,

    Because we haven’t had a size 12 walk in customer yet this year.



  5. Excellent reason from a business standpoint, just unfortunate for me 🙂 You have amazing Aldens.

  6. Js,

    Sorry about that. If you are interested in any of our models, please let me know via email and I would be more than happy to add a pair on our next order for you.



  7. I’m interested in these stompers, size 9.5 AA. What is that availability?


  8. Mark,

    I’m sorry, we do not order anything besides a D width for our stock. My best advice for you is to get on our new mailing list. We will inform you of upcoming ordering opportunities when you can add an AA to our order. Please send an email to to be included on our mailing list.



  9. These look great. I’ve always wanted to see a low-cut Indy boot. Would these go down to something like a size 6.5 E?


  10. Hi Lesli,

    Unfortunately I don’t have E widths, but I do have 6D, 6.5D, and 7D in stock!



  11. Tom,

    Please place me on the mailing list that lets me know when you get new Alden stock.

    Thank you,


  12. Alex,

    Please send an email to We would be happy to add you to our email list!



  13. Just logged in here to say that these shoes are fantastic … I had questions about kudu but once I saw the shoes in person, all doubts vanished. These shoes are indeed made for stompin’!

    Thanks Tom!

  14. Sri,

    Glad you like them! Thanks again!



  15. Fantastic shoes. What are the chances they could be had in a 13? I’d love to order them even if it was some time before they were in hand.

  16. Thanks E. Please feel free to join our mailing list by sending an email to We’ll inform you the next time we place an order so you can add your size 13 to the order since we do not stock that size.



  17. So are these stompers created solely (no pun intended) for Leather Soul Hawai’i? I’ve just happened across your site (I’m an Alden fan, myself) and I infer from a number of your write-ups that several of the shoes you offer are made only for LSH customers. Am I reading that correctly?

  18. Silus,

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, the Stompers are an exclusive for Leather Soul, most of our models are.



  19. Tom … this post, strangely enough, doesn’t show up when I click to see the Alden brand. I have to do a search for “stomper”. Just sayin’


  20. Silus,

    Thank you, I will fix that bug!


  21. Dear Sirs:

    I am interested in a pair of the Hawaiian Stompers, in 11-1/2 E.

    When do you anticipate that you will make another order?

    Best regards,

    Ron Felix

  22. Do you have the Alden – The Hawaiian Stomper in 10.5 D?

    • Sean,

      Thank you for your comment. Our next shipment of stompers will be arriving around August. If you are interested in ordering a pair please email or call me directly.



  23. Tom
    Will you have an 11D in August? Will the August order be in oiled Kudu as these were?
    Will they be on the Leydon?
    Thanks for your great shoes!!

  24. Did that second shipment ever come in? Any 9.5?


  25. Tom,

    I could not be happier with my new Alden Hawaiian Stompers. They look amazing and are incredibly comfortable.

    Thanks for everything!


  26. Sean,

    That’s great, thank you again!



  27. Tom,

    Do you have Hawaiian Stompers available in 10.5? True to Size?

  28. Hi,

    Do you have these available in a 9D?


  29. do you have these or something similar in 10D?

  30. I discovered your web site surfing on the internet. I have several Alden shoes and have worn them for several years. This is a great looking shoe and wondered if you may be re-stocking this shoe or similar. I wear a 12D, if so please let me know. Happy new year.
    kindest regards.
    Bob Mundy

    • Bob,

      Thank you for your comment. The closest we have left in stock is a 11.5D. These shoes fit pretty true to size so if you are a standard 12D, they would be small.

      Please keep checking back for more new models and restocks.



  31. Wow. Love these! Please restock! (I am a 12D as well)

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