Alden Shoes – The Vintage Indy

Indiana Jones Fanatics are constantly trying to achieve “screen accurate” gear. We believe we are pretty close to acheiving that (along with a few major improvements as well) with our new Leather Soul Exclusive Vintage Indy Boots.

A follow up, or shall we say, Sequel, to our ever popular Ultimate Indys, these Vintage Indys are built with the same upgraded features such as Full Leather Linings, Higher Grade Leather (Vintage Oiled Nubuck), and a Leather and Commando Sole. We also chose an All Around Reverse Welt for a “cleaner” rugged look.


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  1. Rugged, clean and utilitatian at first glance. A closer look rewards the complexity of both color and texture inherent in this sturdy Oiled Nubuck. A tough wearing shoe that is just going to mature with the beatings.

  2. Tom…I’m in 10D! Greg

  3. Greg,

    Got you down!



  4. Tom,

    These are beautiful-yet very practical looking boots.

    Please do a special order on these for those of us whose feet are outside of your usual range.

  5. Greg,

    Will do!



  6. Tom,

    May we have a photo of the soles of these boots? It sounds like it is a combination of soles and heels.

    What would be required for me to get these in 9.5 AA?


  7. Mark,

    There’s a small picture here:

    As far as ordering an AA width, please sign up for our pre-order email list (if you haven’t already done so!) to be told of ordering opportunities. Based on the incredible response for this model in the past day I’m sure I’ll be reordering very soon!



  8. Hello,Tom

    Do you have 6.5D or 7D?

    If you have it,Iwould like to buy it !!

    Thanks much.


  9. Kimiko,

    Thank you for the comment. Yes, we do have both 6.5D and 7D in stock! I have just emailed you with ordering information. Shipping is $50 to Japan.

    Yoroshiku onegaishimasu,


  10. Down to our last few pairs!

  11. Vintage Indy – do you have a 9.5 D in stock?


  12. Kevin,

    We do have 9.5D in stock. If you would like a pair, please let me know!



  13. Do you have a 12 in a medium or narrow width?

  14. Lance,

    I’m sorry, we have already sold all of our 12Ds. Since we don’t order narrow widths unless special ordered and we tend to order less sizes over size 11, please sign up for our email mailing list by sending an email to That way you can ensure a pair on our next order.



  15. Will B. - Texas on

    Picked up my Vintage Indy’s from the Post Office this morning. Simply put – Awesome! The crafstmanship and detail are incredible. My wife always gives me grief about spending this much on shoes (I have a fairly sizable Alden collection) but these will truly last a lifetime. Looking forward to seeing how cool they look this time next year after some nice wear and tear. Thanks for the first class service LSH!!!!

  16. Will,

    Thank you again, glad you like your Vintage Indys!

    Aloha and Happy New Years!


  17. Please send me information about how to obtain these boots in 10 narrow.

  18. M,

    Please send an email to to be added to our mailing list. When we offer the Vintage Indy again, please let us know if you are interested. A deposit would be needed for your size.



  19. I’m a huge Alden fan โ€ฆย and I’m wondering, are the custom Aldens eligible for factory refurbishing?

  20. Silus,

    Yes, of course they are eligible for factory refurbishment!



  21. Elliot Maestre on


    I’ll be in town 03/20. Do you have these in an 8?


    • Elliot,

      Thank you for the comment. Unfortunately we are sold out. Hopefully you will find something else you like. Looking forward to seeing you!



  22. Hi Tom,

    I think I spoke to you on the phone today. It was a pleasure. I put a deposit on a pair of 10D. If another 10D opens up, can you put me down for deposit on a 2nd pair using the same CC?


  23. Mason,

    Thank you so much for the call and the order. Yes, if another 10D opens up I’ll definitely put your name on them!



  24. Do you have size 11 or 11.5? Do these run true to size or should I get 1/2 size smaller? Thanks for your help!

    • Zane,

      Thank you for the comment. Most people size down 1/2 size from their normal US dress shoe size. If you are normally a 11.5D, I would suggest a 11D.

      With that being said, our shipment is arriving next week. If you would like to order a pair, please email me directly at



  25. I’ll take 2 pairs in 8.5 med. If I need to give you a CC let email me.

  26. I wear a 9D in the Barrie last. What size would I take in the trubalance last?

  27. Do you have a 9D in stock in the Vintage Indy?

  28. Tom,

    Will there be another order of the Vintage Indy in the foreseeable future, and might that include a 9E?

    • PP,

      Yes, I do have an order being made but no E widths on it. Your best bet is to check back for our monthly preorders. Not sure when I will offer the Vintage on one though.



  29. Johnny Kvaale Bjerk on


    Hello, Johnny here! I just wondered, is it possible to order a pair of indy vintage boots? My feet measures 10.75 inches long (I`m not used to inches, I`m from norway, so I hope I got it right.) Hope I hear from you! ๐Ÿ™‚


  30. Johnny Kvaale Bjerk on


    Hello, johnny here. my feet measures 11.10 inches, not 10.75;) sorry

    Hope I hear from you!


  31. Johnny,

    I’m sorry, as it says above, we are sold out. Please keep checking our website for updates if we restock this model.

    As far as sizing, as you can see, it is too difficult to recommend a size based on another person’s measurements. I would need to measure you myself. My best recommendation is to purchase your first pair of Aldens from a local dealer. If not, you should order from a dealer with a better shipping/return policy. If you make a sizing mistake with us, it will end up costing you $110 US for the shipping. ($55 each way).

    If you have any other questions please let me know.



  32. Johnny Kvaale Bjerk on


    Thank you for your quick answering. I will check out for updates, thanks again:)


  33. Almost a year and these have served me well. Lots o rain and bad weather – but I never experienced wet or cold feet. Thanks, Alden

  34. Tom,
    Any re-stock on the Vintage Indy in the near future? It’s been a year, so I thought I’d check again.


  35. Mike,

    Yes, I do forsee having this boot in stock again in the future.



  36. Any chance of the Vintage Indys making it to your Beverly Hills store? I need a pair before Christmas!

  37. Thanks, Tom. I’ll wait then ๐Ÿ™‚

  38. Tom I’m reading in several places that Indy boots run about a half size large. So they recommend sizing down one half size. Is this what you have found?

  39. Are these still available? I am looking for a 11 E

  40. Greg,

    Sorry, we didn’t stock that size unfortunately.



  41. How about availability in 11D

  42. Hey Tom,

    It’s been a while man and I’ve been dying to tell you guys that those alden snuffed suede indy boots you sent me are AWESOME!! Wear’em all the time. So, what’s the scoop on these sweet souls “the vintage indy”, I see you are SOLD OUT…any chance of a new order run in the near future?

    • Randy,

      Thanks for the comment and glad you like your snuff suede Indy Boots! We have a small order of Vintage Indys on the way. We’d be happy to check your size if you are interested.



  43. Tom,

    Please advise which Indy boots that you will be carrying in the near future. I would love to have anothe pair in either the Vintage Indy or Natural Chromexcel. I currently have the 403 in a size 11E, but could probably get away with an 11 D if only available.



    • Greg,

      We have the Vintage on order at the moment as well as the brown chromexcel Ultimate Indy. Sorry, no E widths, only Ds.



  44. Hi Tom –

    I wear a 9D – any chance I can get in on this order?


  45. Lantz Newberry on

    When the time come to pre-order the Vintage Indy I’m ready.
    Size 8.5 EEE

  46. Lantz Newberry on

    Hello Tom, I’ve recently emailed you about the Vintage Indy and am now waiting for when you open up a pre-order.

    In the meantime, for work I wear a 8.5 3E (wide) in this shoe.
    My feet also show an 8.5 EEE on the Brannock device. What size Indy Alden will I need?

  47. Lantz,

    Sorry, I don’t know how Florsheims fit but if you are a 8.5EEE on the Brannock we would normally suggest an 8EEE for the Indy unless you plan on wearing thick socks in which case a 8.5EEE would be a better fit.



  48. Hey Tom, I just got a pair of these and they’re sweet! Are they waterproof as is or do i need to add something to them? Seems like they might stain…

    • Marc,

      No, they are not waterproof. I don’t think any real leather is fully waterproof without a synthetic coating. They are quite resistant due to the oiled nature of the leather.



  49. Any chance there is a reorder on the horizon? These are sweet.

  50. Tom I have been emailing and checking for your website for re-order info but have not seen a single thing mentioned of this. I have wanted a pair of these for a very long time. Can I get in on this re-order?


    • Hi Lantz,

      If we do reorder, I will make sure to put in on a future preorder. Please check our Shop Talk blog for our preorder announcements.



  51. Lantz Newberry on

    Tom, I’m confused, in the post above dated 11/8/11 you state “yes, we have these on are order at the moment.” In the past you also told me to keep an eye out for pre-orders, which I have been doing, but have not seen any for this shoe.

    I just went back through all the Shop Talk posts and did not see any announcement for pre-ordering the Vintage Indy. Actually I only saw one pre-order announcement and the only Indy mentioned was the Ultimate.

    So when did you announce the pre-order for Vintage Indys that you currently have on order? Had I seen that I would have certainly placed my order. Should I request the Vintage Indy anytime you put in an Alden pre-order or only when the Vintage is specifically mentioned? Maybe that’s where I’m confused.

    • Lantz,

      Sorry, I made a mistake on the previous post. We have the regular CXL UIs on order.

      We can take your order the next time we announce that the Vintage is on preorder. I can’t say if/when it will happen. Please keep in mind we have a hundred or so different models in our rotation.



  52. any chance of you doing another round of these in 2012?

  53. Greetings, These look great. Is this a pair of Aldens 405’s that you customize, or is this something made from scratch?

    And can I get on a mailing list to know when you have another run?

    Aloha, Ray

    • Ray,

      This is made from “scratch” by Alden. Sorry, we do not have a mailing list but please check back to our website for updates.



  54. How can i get a pair made for me?

  55. Please put me on the list for vintage Indy boots. I have other Indy boots so I know my size 8.5 D. Thank You!

  56. Randy Petersen on

    Any chance of Leather Sole re ordering the vintage Indy boot. If so, I would like it in 8.5 D. Let me know when you need deposit if you are going to re order.THANKS.

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