Alden Shoes – Cognac Soft Calf Flex Longwing


July 4, 2009

Celebrate the 4th of July with an American classic.

Our newest Leather Soul Exclusive is the Alden flex welt, soft cognac calf longwing. Buttery soft tumbled lady calf coupled with Alden’s flex welt construction and oiled leather sole make this longwing the most comfortable American classic you’ll ever own.


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  1. Beautiful, my dream shoes! 😉

  2. Chris,

    Thank you. I would be happy to make your shoe dream come true.



  3. Are these available in an 11D?

    Thanks –

  4. Tom – thanks for your prompt response. Any suggestions for a comparable shoe – I’m looking for a wingtip that is comfortable enough to wear at work (long hours on my feet) without much of a break-in.

    Thanks for your consideration,

  5. Bruce,

    Sorry, we don’t have anything else similar. Something somewhat similar is our Grant last wingtips with crepe sole. Check them out and let me know what you think! Your size is actually on sale.



  6. These available in 10d?


    • Ken,

      Thank you for the comment. Yes, as of this morning we do have 10D avaialble. If you are interested in ordering a pair, please shoot me an email.



  7. Tom,

    Do you have an idea of when you might carry these again? I too was hoping to order an 11d and this is the 2nd time I’ve missed them being in stock.



  8. Is this shoe available in size 8 5e heel 2e

    • Dale,

      Thank you for the comment. A size 8.5EE would need to be special ordered. At this moment we do not have plans to reorder this shoe but to be notified in the future if we do, please join our email mailing list by sending an email to



  9. These have been my dream shoes to own. Are they available in 11 D?

  10. Hi,
    Do you have these in a 9.5D?


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  12. Been wearing the hell out of my pair since I got them.
    Thanks again Tom.


  13. seongwook Heo. on

    Do you have these in a 8.5D?

    I want to buy now!

  14. Manfred Herbert on

    Received my pair today.
    Wonderful soft leather and fantastic color as described.
    I like the oiled sole a lot.
    Very comfortable shoe and a great addition to my collection!

    Thank you very much,
    Manfred Herbert

  15. do you have these in a 10D?

  16. Let me know when you are ordering more of these. I’ll take a pair in 10D!

  17. Tom

    Do these run true to size?

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