Alden Shoes – The American Saddle Shoe


July 11, 2009

After the success of our previous two tone shell cordovan saddle shoe, we decided to offer it again with a slight vintage twist. This time, our Leather Soul exclusive Alden saddle shoes have metal eyelets and flat waxed laces. A minor detail change that makes a huge positive difference in our opinion.


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  1. Wow, Tom, these are some beauties.
    What do you think about the width of these shoes ? I normally wear 10,5E; like in my Chukkas, or in some Alden Shell Longwings which are also on the barrie last. Do you think the 10,5 D could fit or would u say the 11 D is probably the better choice? (or maybe none of them fit ? ;(

    Thanks in Advance !

    Kind Regards


  2. Simon,

    Thank you for the comment. If you are wearing an E width on your chukkas and longwings, you would definitely be an E in these too. You could try a 11D but they probably won’t be an ideal fit.

    To be notified of upcoming preorder opportunities, please join our preorder mailing list by sending an email to That way you can order our shoes in an E width fitting.



  3. Joseph Geylin on


    Those look great. A quick question, is the secondary color black or navy. I assume that they are black shell cordovan, but just wanted to check/


  4. Wow, these shoes are exactly the same one as my first Alder shoes I owned 22 years ago. One different, mine were in one tone #8.

  5. Ike,

    If you still have them send me a pic!



  6. Hi Tom,

    I know this is probably a dumb question but in your opinion can these be worn with a suit? I’m looking for a versatile shoe that can be dressed
    up or down. I had a pair of saddle shoes years ago that I loved and these remind me a lot of them but I really need something that will work with suits and casual attire.

    That being said, my question is pointless if you don’t have size 10 1/2D in stock.


    • Casey,

      Thank you very much for the comment. Honestly, I think it could be worn with a suit. Traditional train of thought would be no, but if done right I think it would look quite nice.

      Unfortunately however, I am sold out of your size!



  7. Hi Tom, do you have this in 8d?

    Thanks, Chris

  8. Hello,
    Do you have these in a 9.5D? Thanks.

  9. Paul,

    Sorry, we are sold out of 9.5D at the moment.



  10. when will you get another supply of this shoe? 11.5D or maybe 12D

  11. Hello,
    I’m sure you are sold out of these shoes, but I was wondering if/when you will be accepting pre-orders for these shoes?

    • Eric,

      Not quite sure when we will offer them again, but I may add them to the next preorder so please check back to our website again soon.



  12. I’m interested in a pair also, 11 D. Please email when available.


  13. Steven Shapiro on

    Hi Tom–

    I take a 10.5 D in LHS and same in 974 Tremont last. What size in this saddle and when will you be ordering it?


    • Steven,

      You would also be a 10.5D in these. Sorry to say not sure when we will be reordering these. I appreciate your interest and will take it into account when I place orders.



  14. Hi Tom:

    Here’s a vote for placing another order for these *amazing* saddle shoes! I wear a 10D Hampton & Aberdeen; 9.5D Barrie – any suggestions as to what I might wear in these?


  15. Thanks for the vote Scott!

    You would be a 9.5D in these.



  16. Thanks Tom–

    Please bear me in mind when you order these saddles, 10.5 D. Can you drop a note to my email address?

    I wore these exact ones in college, a lot of years ago!!


  17. Steven,

    Thank you for the comment. Due to popular demand, I will put these shoes on our next preorder. I should post it on the website sometime this week.



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  19. I have 11.5D in the burgandy shell cordovan saddle shoes from Alden. would it be the same size with the american saddle shoes? Are they in stock or must I order them? I would like a pair.

  20. David,

    Yes, it would be the same size and same fitting. We are currently accepting preorders on this shoe. Expected timeframe is about 6 months.



  21. Tom, Do these shoes have the contrasting (black) piece on the back of the heel as well?

  22. Matt,

    Yes, they do.



  23. Awesome! I’m gonna’ be the first kid on my block with cordovan saddle shoes! 🙂

  24. Hi again Tom–
    I can’t get these #8 saddles with black out of my mind. I hemmed and hawed and lost out of the pre-order. Now I see they’ve surfaced again on today’s SF. Any chance now of getting 10.5D? They’re Barrie, right…

    All best

    • Steven,

      We do have them available so if you are interested please contact me directly and I will email you our order form. They should be here in a couple months or less.



  25. Thanks Tom–

    Good news! I will call you tomorrow Thurs 2/3/11.

    Best to you,


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