Alden Shoes – The AAAC Spectator


July 22, 2009

In collaboration with, we present to you the Leather Soul x AAAC Alden spectator shoe.

Brown calf and snuff suede create a perfect, subtle match, making this spectator a versitile year ’round shoe.


20 Responses to Alden Shoes – The AAAC Spectator

  1. Good heavens. Great job again, Tom.

  2. Nice! Though my b-width feet will never see them on.

  3. Chris, Tom should have a pair of those for me in a B width that I pre-ordered. It can be done!

  4. I’m afraid to ask, but seeing that a B width is a possibility, how about a 9.5? I love that shoe! I am in Chicago, so Allen Edmonds is my usual brand – do you know if Alden sizes run similar?

  5. Thanks, Tom. I’ll see if I can try on a pair of Alden’s in my size, then I’ll do a special order. Thank you very much.



  6. Received my spectators yesterday, and wore them for the first time today. I received 4 compliments on these shoes, first time that has ever happened with a pair of shoes!! Truly magnificent. Thanks guys.

  7. Do you have a 9D available? Thank you.

  8. Dear

    Dear Tom,
    Just recently became aware of your fine product line of mens shoes.I would love to order a pair of alden spectators in a B width. Is this possible?


  9. George,

    Please feel free to join our preorder mailing list by sending an email to We will email the list about once a month to offer preorders for people with non D widths on upcoming reorders.



  10. Hello Tom, I see there is still a price up for this shoe. Do you have any sizes left in stock? If so, may I ask what they are? Thank you.



  11. Michael,

    We have one pair left in size 11D.



  12. Do you have then in 81/2 D? Nice Shoes, I have several pairs of Spectator shoes, and would love to add this pair to my collection.

  13. Michael,

    Sorry, we are completely sold out of these shoes.



  14. What last are these on?

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