Edward Green – Top Drawer Gladstone

Words cannot express the simple beauty of Edward Green’s Gladstone, made to Top Drawer standards.

Edward Green’s Top Drawer program allows the owner to make modifications to a standard shoe pattern. Each Top Drawer shoe is created by a single artisan who crafts the shoe step by step. It takes approximately 9 months to finish a pair of shoes and it shows in the attention to detail and handwork which is apparent when you see one in person.

12 Responses to Edward Green – Top Drawer Gladstone

  1. Tom, what is the cost for a pair of the Gladstones Top Drawer? and the turn around time. Thanks, Don

  2. Don,

    TD shoes start at $1600 and the turnaround time varies depending on the amount of work at the factory. Generally 8 months.



  3. Tom, what is the exact collour of the Gladstone sho, it look dark green but my computor is not the best?


  4. Hi Tom,

    just one more question, is it standard black calf leather, the finish is so extraordinary…?



  5. Andrew,

    Yes, standard black calf but with all Top Drawer shoes, a higher level of attention to detail and finishing.



  6. What last is the shoe on?

  7. RJ,

    The 606.


  8. Guy Douville on

    Hi Tom,
    The finishing of the sole on the top drawer is extraordinary what a beauty. According to me you can not do better in a bespoke?

  9. Can the Gladstone be ordered as a MTO but not TD? And if so, what would one be looking at in terms of cost and wait? Beautiful shoes, but then it almost goes without saying about all of the shoes you have.

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