John Lobb – City II in Dark Brown Museum Calf

John Lobb’s City II is a beautiful, classic shoe, especially stunning in dark brown museum calf. It promises to age wonderfully and be an integral part of your wardrobe for years to come.

City II, 7000 Last, Dark Brown Museum
$1340.00 (shoe trees sold separately, $160)

29 Responses to John Lobb – City II in Dark Brown Museum Calf

  1. Allan Polunsky on

    Do you have them in UK 7.5E black?

    • Allan,

      Sorry, we only have the City II in dark brown museum. We would be more than happy to order a pair for you in black if you are interested and don’t mind the 3 month wait.



  2. Just received these from leather soul, and this is a fantastic shoe! The colour is great, deep brown – very versatile. Thanks Takuya your sizing is perfect as always. All the Best, Don.

  3. Don,

    Thank you very much!


    Tom & Takuya

  4. I think I need to go brown next and this one looks great.. Do you stock these in UK 11E?

  5. Nolan,

    I’m sorry, we don’t have it in an 11E. If you don’t mind the wait, we can inquire about a MTO. I would have to double check to see if dark brown museum calf is available. Please let me know if you are interested.



  6. Aloha, Tom. I wonder if you have these left in 7E.


  7. Tom,

    I’m interested in City II. Could you please see if Museum Calf is still available? Thank you.


  8. You’ve got mail! Thanks, Tom.


  9. Dear Tom,

    Do you have them in UK 6.5E?


  10. Do you have these in 9.5E or 9.5EE? I have a pair of JL Kipling loafers in 9.5E which are perfect lengthwise, but the little toe is always pushing out the side a little. Because it’s unlined leather it’s stretched over time to accomodate my feet width. I’m not sure if I’d need a wider shoe in this last.

    Please advise.

  11. Omair,

    I sent an email to you about this. Please check your email. Unfortunately we don’t have it in stock but can order it for you if you are interested.



  12. I recently got a pair of these. I love the marbled look of the leather. What color polish should I use to maintain that look?

    Thank you,


  13. ELG,

    I would personally use dark brown and black polish.



  14. Do you have these in 9.5E ?
    Can some people respond to consultation in Japanese?

  15. Do you have John Lobb Phillip II in Black and Brown in 9EE?

  16. hi, can i order 7 1/2 EE? how long would it take?

    i am located in seoul, korea. what is the shipping cost? thanks!

  17. got it. i understand the price include a matching shoe tree. Do shoe trees actually come in 7 1/2 EE versus 7 1/2 E? I wasn’t sure if they made shoe trees to exact specifications. would appreciate your response. thanks.

  18. Hi

    Would you have the City II in black UK 9EE? At what email address can I reach you at?


  19. Hello,

    Do you have these in 8.5 u.s size?

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