Alden Shoes – 4×4 PTB (LSW)

We are pleased to share with you our most special Leather Soul Exclusive Alden model we have ever had. The 4×4 PTB is a four eyelet plain toe “Nassau” blucher on the Barrie last, in Horween color #4 shell cordovan. Extremely rare and extremely beautiful, color #4 is approximately 1/2 as dark as color #8, which we all know and love.

We feel very fortunate to be allocated this extremely rare, limited production color. A special Mahalo to our friends at Alden Shoe Company for this special gift.


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  1. Sold out!?! No!

  2. It’s no surprise to me that these are sold out… Beautiful color

  3. Wow. Amazing shoes Tom!

    And already sold out !!

  4. So beautiful I want to cry 🙁

  5. Just curious but Is that the same color as ravello?

  6. Nathan,

    No, these are color #4. Ravello is a different color. Color #4 is a reddish shade while ravello is more of an orangy/chestnut shade.




  7. It is disheartening to see you display such beautiful shoes that are not for sale. Others will likely disagree, but I think that if you don’t actually offer the shoes for sale other than for a few insiders, you probably shouldn’t show them. Creates an odd karma.

    That said, they sure are pretty.

    Color me frustrated.

  8. Bob,

    I understand your disappointment but please understand, we are not primarily an online “e-retailer.” We are a brick and mortar store and this website is really a “blog” intended to show off what we sell in-store. With that being said, we gladly take mail orders but still, please consider this website an Alden/GC/JL/EG/Tricker’s gallery/blog, not a web-checkout store like a Zappo’s.

    These shoes were presold to customers with long standing histories with us, most of which have visited one of our stores in person. Some locals visit us weekly. As a retailer we must take care of those who support us consistently.



  9. Hi Tom,

    So beautiful I want to have, but I miss it once again. too bad…….

    Thank you

  10. Johnson,

    Sorry, we offered these to customers with very long histories shopping with us.



  11. Tom,

    Beautiful color, which I think would be perfect for shell corodovan chukkas.

    BTW – I love my color 8 NST boots. Thanks again for ordering them for me in my impossible to find size. The fit is great.


  12. Great looking shoes Tom. Keep up the good work.

  13. Great design and color Tom, much preferred to ravello

  14. The #4 would make for some incredibly gorgeous chukkas or wingtips. Oh, how I wish I were still living in LA.

  15. Anthony Polakov on


    I am very disappointed in you and your way of doing business. I live in Beverly Hills and have visited your store many times since it recently opened. Brian is a very nice person and I would love to do business with him but unfortunately have not found much in that store that I wanted or thought was worth purchasing. I have a few cleverly bespoke and AC line shoes. Your prices are much to high for what AC is making.

    I had heard you were going to do a #4 PTB 2 months ago. I emailed you and called. You told me that you would not be selling them over the website and that since I wore a size 11 most likely there would be a pair for me. Alas there isn’t.

    I am glad your business is flourishing during this poor economy, but, how do you expect to attract new business when you continue to reward all your good customers and don’t offer anything to the new ones. Especially ones that want to establish relationships.

    I know that there are many of us out there that would love to purchase this recently commissioned shoe. Maybe you will reorder it soon or maybe your competitors will consider doing it.

    Happy Holidays.

  16. Tony,

    Please call me at (808)922-0777. I think once we talk you will not be quite as upset at me. I believe there is a bit of misunderstanding here.



  17. Tom – I appreciate the blog approach of your website, and enjoy seeing all the unique Alden creations – thanks!

  18. Thanks Peter. I appreciate that.



  19. i just wanted to say tom is one of the best people in the business, yes not everyone is going to get every shoe they want. tom does not hide the fact that sometimes his repeat customers get first crack at the new shoes which imho is fine. tom does not need me to defend him but weather i get the shoes i want tom has always been a stand up guy. keep up the good work.

  20. Thanks Rick, I really appreciate it.

  21. I am proud of what you do!

  22. Since I have been one to post, in frustration, in the past over some pair of great looking pair of shoes that were gone before I knew that they were available, I understand other saying(or posting)what they do. However, I have never doubted for a moment that Tom and his staff were professionals and gentlemen. I have never had a bad experience with them. Remember, they are paying some steep rent for some very nice retail space. If I bought every pair I wanted, I would be very poor. Maybe it’s karma–

    Tom, any news on the recent pre-orders as to when they are coming in?

    Thanks and have a great Thanksgiving-

    • Thank you ML. I appreciate your kind words.

      Yes, sometimes people forget that we are in fact a brick and mortar store first and foremost. I pay monthly rent enough to buy about 80 pairs of Aldens at retail and also have 6 full time staff and 2 part time staff. Another thing to remember is although I am mostly responsible for the website and many of our mail order customers, my staff have customers of their own that they need to take care of as well. Of course I wish I could appease everybody but some things are just impossible to do.



  23. hi tom,

    please tell mewhen you have the re-orders for this please size 10D.

    looking forward to it…

  24. Tom,

    Nice design! If possible, it would be great if these 4×4 PTBs are available in more common Color #8 or Cigar or even calf for wider distribution.


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