Tricker’s – Stow in Grey (LSW & LSBH)


May 7, 2011

For our latest Tricker’s Stow rendition, we chose to try a color not seen too often. When you think about colors for shoes, grey typically isn’t the first color you think about. Grey seems to be quite dreary, however, matched with an antique edgetrim and brass eyelets, we feel as though this grey boot is pretty fun.

Stow, Grey, $550.00

24 Responses to Tricker’s – Stow in Grey (LSW & LSBH)

  1. Oh, to live closer… I absolutely love these boots! Amazing.

  2. how does the width of the toe box of these boots compared with the width of an Alden Trubalance boot?

  3. Hi Tom,
    Do you have UK5.5 of this shoes ?


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  5. I have received , very nice shoes,thanks your candy

  6. Chui,

    Thank you!



  7. Kenneth Francis on

    Hi Tom,
    How about these in US 10?

  8. Kenneth,

    Sorry, none here at LSW. You may want to try LSBH at or (310)248-2399.



  9. Do you still have this in US7 ?

  10. Hi Tom,
    Do you have this in UK7 or UK7.5 size?

  11. Hi, do you have these in a uk 9?

  12. Do you have those in 5.5 UK ?

  13. Do you by any chance have this in UK 8.5 at either location? Also, in your experience, does this type of natural colored welt tend to darken quite a bit over time?

  14. Do you have these grey tricker boots in a 9.5 us?

  15. Hi, i’m considering these Stows, being my foots 27,8/28 cm long and circumference 25 cm what fits better? Uk9 or Uk9,5?
    Thanks a lot.

    • Thomas,

      Sorry, we do not give sizing recommendations based on measurements. We are also sold out of this model.



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