Edo-Ya Brushes for Leather Soul “Kawa Damashii” (LSW)


June 23, 2011

In this day of mass production and automation, when a company perseveres in tradition and quality, it truly is a breath of fresh air.

Founded in 1718 during Japan’s Edo Period, Edo-Ya started as a hand made paint brush manufacturer in Nihonbashi, Tokyo. Almost 300 years later, Edo-Ya continues to methodically produce 100% hand made brushes to a civilization dependent on efficiency and mass production.

There are no machines in their workshop, only weathered hands with years of experience. Each brush is hand planted and hand cut with precision, calculating the length and amount of bristles, the same way it was done decades ago. It is this attention to detail and quality that maintains value, even when cheap alternatives are abundant.

We are proud to present to you, with our “Kawa Damashii,” Edo-Ya shoe brushes for Leather Soul.

Horsehair Brush (Uma) $85.00
Pighair Brush (Buta) $85.00
Bronze Suede Brush $65.00

21 Responses to Edo-Ya Brushes for Leather Soul “Kawa Damashii” (LSW)

  1. Beautiful!

  2. Those look like works of art. I will have to get the suede brush and one of the others in the near future.

  3. Bravo! Artisanal and practical: an ideal combination.

  4. Want all three! What is the difference in usage of the pig vs horse hair, if any? How much to ship to east coast?

  5. What are the separate purposes of each brush, ie, why the different hairs?

  6. All,

    The difference in hairs are personal preference in use. Horse is more fine than pig. Some pros in Japan prefer pig, others prefer horse.

    Shipping would be $5 to the US mainland.



  7. I basically only wear cordovan. Do you recommend pig or horse for that, or even for that in particular is it a matter of personal preference?

  8. John,

    It’s a personal preference.



  9. How much is it to ship a brush to Seoul, Korea?

  10. These brushes are great! I have the suede brush and it rakes the nape of the suede so beautifully all a I can say is WOW… Nice addition Tom.

  11. I just received two of the horsehair (Uma) brushes yesterday. They are even nicer than I had expected–little works of art! Glad to see that true craftsmanship still exists in this era of mass production. Many thanks to Bryson for his assistance.

  12. are these brushes still available tom? and how much is shipping to the UK? thanks

  13. a finally q – what are the dimensions of the brushes? and do they come with different coloured hair ?

  14. Hi guys,
    what is the length of the shoe brush and if possible, the width at its widest point?. Seeing if it’ll fit in my travel shoe care pouch!

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