John Lobb – Rothley (LSW)


July 25, 2011

John Lobb’s latest Prestige line shoe is the Rothley, available in black calf and dark brown misty calf. Slightly reminiscent of the JL2005 model, it makes for a great alternative to a simple plain toe oxford.

Rothley, 7000 Last, Black Calf, Dark Brown Misty Calf
$1505.00 (shoe trees included)

6 Responses to John Lobb – Rothley (LSW)

  1. Those are great looking shoes. Seeing the dark brown misty on the 7000 excites me for my JL2010 on order for September delivery!

  2. Is D with available? or only E with?

  3. Hi I’m in Los Angeles and I would love to order a pair or ROTHLEY in 6.5 UK size. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

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