Saint Crispin’s – 106 Three Eyelet Blucher (LSW & LSBH)

The #106 has been the most awed at shoe in our opening Saint Crispin’s lineup.  The beauty of the chiseled last on the three eyelet blucher design and the hand finished patina of the leather is simply amazing to look at.

This is an extremely versatile shoe, easily matched with jeans up to a nicely tailored suit.

$1700.00 (lasted, hollowed shoe trees included)

15 Responses to Saint Crispin’s – 106 Three Eyelet Blucher (LSW & LSBH)

  1. They look magnificent.

  2. Hi Tom

    I’m a UK8E in all edward greens, which size would be suitable in Saint Crispin’s and do you have that size in the 106 bluchers?
    Thank you

  3. Hi Tom,

    What size would you recommend if I’m a 7.5E in the 888 last? Thank you!

  4. Great looking shoe Tom. I wear 11.5 E in Edward Green’s 888 last and 11E in John Lobbs 7000. What size would you recommend and would you have that size available? Thanks.

  5. These look fantastic. I am size 8.5E in Edward Green’s 202 last, though I found the same size on their 808 last a little snug – what size would you recommend for me in the 106 blucher? Many thanks.

    • Tom,

      We would recommend a 8F. If you are interested in trying a pair of these beauties, please shoot us an email or give us a call.



  6. Hi Tom,

    Stunning shoes! Can you tell me what leather color is used on these (606?)?

    Also, I wear 8E is C&J 337 last. Not sure if you have any experience with their sizing, but can you advise a Saint Crispins size?



    • Justin,

      The pictured color was a special order color. The next run we have as stock fill ins is 608.

      Unfortunately I do not know how C&J fits. If they fit 1 full size larger than US, then your size would be a 8F in SC.



  7. Hi Tom,

    I had a chance to try on a pair of edward green 888 last shoes and found that size 8.5E UK fit very well. Though a little tight at the instep ( I have a high instep and it is always a bit tight in new shoes). From previous posts on here it seems that you would recommend a size 8F in St Crispins. I contacted them directly as well regarding sizing and they suggested 8.5F correlates well to EG 888 8.5E. Not I’m confused. Any advice?



  8. Aloha Tom!
    Although I bought Alden before at your shop, I do not know my size.
    Do you have stock of 106?(I plan to go to Hawaii in February,2013)


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