Alden Shoes – Choco Suede Plaza Cap Toe Boot (LSW)

We’ve been waiting for these for a while, thank you very much for your patience.  For those who preordered a pair, we will contact you ASAP.

Our Alden chocolate suede Plaza cap toe boot is the perfect boot for your Fall and Winter outfits.  It looks great with heavier suits as well as jeans.


55 Responses to Alden Shoes – Choco Suede Plaza Cap Toe Boot (LSW)

  1. Hi Tom,

    I wear 990 in size 8D. What size do you recommend for this?

  2. Any chance you have a pair in 13? Thanks.

  3. Johan Lindstrom on

    Hi Tom, I am a 10 on the Barrie last, I guess I am a 10.5 on the Plaza right? If so, any 10.5 still left?


  4. Aloha Tom,
    sharp looking boot!

  5. do u still have a size 9 of choco suede plaza boots??

  6. Are the Alden Shoes – Choco Suede Plaza Cap Toe Boot (LSW) availiable in 10.5 D?

  7. Hi Tom,

    I am on the preorder and was wondering when these will be shipped out.

    Thank you

  8. I’ll take them, I have emailed you

  9. do u have a size 9.5 of choco suede plaza boots??

  10. Do you have a 10.5D or E ?

  11. I wear a size 10.5 in a Trubalance last. What size do you recommend?

  12. Do you still have these in 9.5D?

  13. Hi, would you happen to have a size nine available? Thank you

  14. Just curious: any 10d’s left?

    Thanks in advance,

  15. Any more of these in a 10 / 10.5?

  16. anymore coming in?

  17. Can you recommend some trees for these boots, which, by the way, look even nicer in real life.

  18. Enrico di Giovanni on

    I’m in the NYC area and need a great dress cap toe for this winter. Do these boots have a double sole and are they available in size 12? Could a comando sole be added by Alden? Is this considered a narrow last or medium width last?
    Thanks very much,

    • Enrico,

      These boots do have a double leather sole. Sorry, they are sold out. Alden will only restore these boots to the original specs. The Plaza is one of Alden’s more narrow lasts but fit true to size.



  19. do you still have a these in 7.5 D?

  20. Hi,
    1.)In German stores my Alden Chukka boot needs to be 8. WHAT US size should I look for??
    2.)For orders to Germany,how much is the tranportation-cost? UPS,DHL or whatever.
    3.) do i have to pay the US- sales tax or do you sell Tax free plus transport?
    I would pay through Mastercard.

    William J. Charly

    • William,

      1) Sorry, I have no idea how German stores mark their sizes. Also, each last fits differently so it would depend on what last it is.

      2) International shipping via USPS International Express is $60.

      3) We do not charge GE sales tax on orders out of state.



  21. Tom, Have any 10.5Ds perchance found their way back to your inventory? Thanks, Ed

  22. Hi Tom,

    it is possible to place a pre-order for an 11.5 D?



  23. ciao ,vorrei ordinare un paio di scarpe alden articolo alden choco suede plaza numero 7 grazie

  24. Is there any way to still order these? Perhaps directly from Alden?

  25. Anywhere else you can find these? Think you’ll end up carrying them again? They’re beautiful.

  26. Pre-order please!

  27. Do you have another order for these going on? Would love a pair in 9.5D.

  28. Hey Tom,
    Do you an order of these coming sometime soon?

  29. I would like to order a pair of the green suede boots.
    Got any size 11’s ??

    Michael Orosz

    San Diego Ca

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