Hong Kong

I travel to Japan 2-3 times a year and always make it a point to visit Hong Kong as well. Custom dress shirts from Peter Lee, suits and ties from the Armoury, and roast pork and drinks with friends make the 4 hour plane ride well worth it.

Here I’m pictured with “internet celebrities” Alan, Ethan, and Graeme. Three men of honor and amazing sartorial genius.

Thank you Alan for the hospitality, Ethan for the roast pork and scotch, and Graeme for the cigar that did not make me sick.

8 Responses to Hong Kong

  1. Awesone! Good thing the Armory is all the way in Hong Kong or I would be broke!

  2. Hi,

    Can you recommend any other good haberdashery shops in Hong Kong?


  3. hope you get a v border ties!

  4. Hello Tom,

    Can u tell me why u choose Peter Lee’s shirt?


    • JLEE,

      I choose Peter Lee because the pricing and quality is very good. Peter also has a very wide selection of interesting fabrics. He is the best mid range shirt maker in Hong Kong in my opinion.



  5. Hello Tom,
    Thanks for your advise,so which one is the best high range shirt maker in Hong Kong at your mind?
    Best Regards

  6. Tom, I agreed with you that Peter Lee makes the best mid range shirt in HK. Turnover time is decent too. I have the luxury to pick up shirts from them handily as I am living over there!

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