Rimowa – Topas Stealth Cabin Trolley


October 5, 2011

Rimowa’s latest offering is the TOPAS Stealth line, a blacked out version of their popular TOPAS aluminum cases.

Available to select Rimowa authorized retailers, the TOPAS Stealth offers the “stealth” looks of the Salsa line with the strength and quality of the TOPAS line.

Our full range is coming soon.

Cabin Trolley IATA $1340.00

6 Responses to Rimowa – Topas Stealth Cabin Trolley

  1. Beautiful…

    Is the body anodized or powder-coated? I suspect it will scratch/wear nicely.

    • Tyler,

      Haven’t used it yet but yes, I do think it will scratch easily which will in turn give it a nice weathered look eventually.



  2. Is the color gunmetal gray as pictured or black as described?

    • JC,

      It is black but technically cannot be 100% pure black since it is anodized aluminum so the finish will tend to have a look of dark grey due to the texture.



  3. Happy New Year!
    It’s a beautiful case.
    Do you have this cabin trolley in stock?
    Thank you,

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