Alden Shipment!

It was a rough week stock-wise for our Alden customers since the factory was doing inventory. You should have seen everyone’s faces of relief when Gio, our UPS delivery man, rolled in with a much needed shipment of Aldens!

11 Responses to Alden Shipment!

  1. 🙂 So what good things lurk in those boxes?

  2. more shoe park on

    hope you give gio the first glass of scotch!!!

  3. Lets see some of those Aldens posted on the web!!!

    • Chris,

      Sorry, we’ve been too busy with the expansion and moving of our back office. I should be posting a few new models shortly.



  4. In need of an ALDEN FIX !!! Serious withdrawal going on right now!!

  5. Hi Tom,

    I hope all is well. When are you expecting shipment of Alden’s chromexcel chukka boots (Barrie last, double leather sole)?



  6. do you have any unreserved 9.5E in the spring shipment of the chromexcel chukka boots? if you did I would take it. assume its the Barrie last.

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