Saint Crispin’s – Combination 545 (LSW)

Our latest Saint Crispin’s model is the #545 in a combination of suede and crust leather.

Probably one of our most interesting offerings ever, the #545 is a fun shoe to wear in casual and semi-dress situations. For the man who has all the bases covered…and we know for a fact there are a lot of you out there.

$1700.00 (lasted, hollowed shoe trees included)

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  1. Tom, I agree with your assessment on the earlier “Tom’s Blog” entry: I have never like kiltie shoes. In fact, I would go further than you and say that I have always actively DISliked kiltie shoes. But I am amazed at how good the Saint Crispin 545s look. I am shocked to say that I think these shoes are beautiful. Nevertheless, if I were prepared to spend $1,600 on a pair of shoes — it would be those black captoe shoes. I would never have believed something as simple as a black captoe could look as magnificent as the Saint Crispins do. Great stuff. Now post some ugly shoes and stop with the constant temptation.

  2. Definitely agree with the last two sentence up there 🙂

    “Great stuff. Now post some ugly shoes and stop with the constant temptation.”

  3. Tom, I’m going to ask a very dumb question. This will be too damn elegant to wear with a salvage denim, right? I never try SC before, so how’s the fit compare with alden’s plaza last?

    • Alex,

      It really is a personal style choice. If you let us know your Plaza size we can definitely recommend a size in SC. FYI, I wear my SCs with denim all the time.



  4. I was referred to this site by the folks at Saint Cristin’s because I inquired about their model 545. It appeared as an all leather shoe on their site without the suede. In my view, the all leather versions looks better and has a more elegant appeal. Just my thought.

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