Scotch and Cigar

Scotch makes cigars taste better…or is it the other way around?

22 Responses to Scotch and Cigar

  1. Ravello and whiskey are beautiful but nothing beets a good cigar make-up. Very jealous of those.

  2. Just a tease . . . or can we order some? 😀

  3. beautiful. 9.5e available per chance?

  4. Any future boot SMU’s in either cigar or ravello coming up by any chance?

  5. Would you have an 11D in this Cigar shoe?

  6. good scotch & good cigar goes well with cigar cordovan and ascot !

  7. Love the photo concept. And in my opinion, scotch enhances a cigar’s taste.

  8. What’s the last on these, and do you have a 10.5D or 11D in LSBH? I live in LA.

  9. Tom,

    Any idea if they have them in a 9d at lsbh?

  10. Tom, I have a dumb question: what did you do/use to get such a beautiful shine on these boots? Thanks –

  11. Tom,
    nice boots…. is the lighting of the shot or is the left boot a bit lighter than the right?
    if it is……. is this common on this rare colors?

  12. Those creases are amazing, is that natural or did you set them?

  13. Well done, what way works the best? I’ve not had good luck setting crease.

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