Edward Green – Holborn & Shelton (LSW)

Bluchers are great for those with high insteps but are considered more casual than traditional oxfords. Our latest Edward Green releases are the Holborn and Shelton, dressy takes on a typically casual shoe.

Our Holborn is in Dark Oak Antique and the Shelton is in Hazel Antique. Both on the 888 last, the elongated silhouette and 2 and 3 eyelet designs make these bluchers as dressy as bluchers can be.


8 Responses to Edward Green – Holborn & Shelton (LSW)

  1. Are these D or E width?

  2. Tom, I am surprised by your comment. It is of course true that for many if not almost all British makers an E width equals a US D. Crockett and Jones is one I am very familiar with. However, for Green this is not true. Their philosophy is that shoes should be snug in width like a slipper, snugger than many Americans are used to. The truth of this is obvious: two lengths are printed on the inside, British and American, but only one width.

  3. If the widths are different, why wouldn’t EG print both as they do for lengths?

    • Ed,

      We feel as though the EG E width is more comparable to a US D width. Maybe it is because we deal mostly with Aldens which tend to fit large anyway. We stock mostly UK E widths except for LSBH which does stock some UK D widths. We find that the E width fits most people overall versus the D width that many of our customers find too narrow.



  4. I have a high instep and the Holborn in a UK12.5E on the 606 last fits me perfectly. Regular oxfords always have a bit of a V gap when tied so these are my best bet short of custom.

    It would be my favorite pair of shoes save for an annoying squeak one of them developed in the heel. I always use shoe trees and a shoe horn so I’m not sure what happened.

    What Saphir polish would you recommend for the Rosewood Country Calf? I usually just use a neutral conditioner on them.

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