Alden Shoe – Black Ultimate Indy (LSW)

Lost in this week’s LSxSE boot release was the return of the black Ultimate Indy. This time we had the toe stitching done in white to create an interesting contrast.

As always, our Ultimate Indy Boots have commando soles.


18 Responses to Alden Shoe – Black Ultimate Indy (LSW)

  1. Hi –
    Dumb question: what type of leather is used for these Indys?
    Thanks –

  2. Wow those look hot! Some SWAT team lookin’ stuff right there!

  3. Very nice. I’d love to see the same thing with a contrasting natural sole.

  4. Hi,

    Available in 12?

    Thanks in advance,

  5. Haruhiro Koide on


    I reserved The Ultimate Indy By agent Mr.KIyono six month ago.

    Color: Brown Chromexcel
    size 7D

    Not yet ??

  6. I am interested in purchasing a pair of Ultimate Indy’s in the black color. Do you have them in a 8.5D or C and if so, how long would it take to acquire them. Thanks

  7. Do you have these available in 11?

  8. Any chance of re-stock?

  9. Hello, are these boots (black ultimate Indy) still available in size 8D?

    Thank you, Kory

  10. Any black Ultimate (or other) Indys of any variety on the horizon?

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