Alden Shoe – CXL NST Boot (LSW & LSBH)

Back in stock (not for long), the Alden Chromexcel NST (Tanker) Boot.


62 Responses to Alden Shoe – CXL NST Boot (LSW & LSBH)

  1. Such a great boot, this was my first LS purchase good to see it back.

  2. I guess an 8.5eee is unlikely? :s

  3. Great !
    Is 8D available ?

  4. I would instakop if Natural CXL. Are there any Natural CXL boots on the horizon?

  5. OH!!
    US 8 size available?

  6. Those are gorgeous. I have no doubt they’ll be gone shortly. Tom, when are you expecting the #8 Tankers?

    • Mike,

      We have them on order at all times but they are all pretty much presold so we never post them on the website. If you are interested in a preorder please let us know.



  7. Hi!

    Do you have 7D in stock?


  8. 8.5D? Thanks!

  9. Hi Tom,

    Do you have a 10.5d left in stock?


  10. Do you ship overseas ? And is size 11.5 available? What kind of payment method is available? PayPal is it available?

  11. Hi Tom,

    please a pair US 10.5 D for me, if a pair is in stock.

    Thanks a lot! ­čÖé

    Greetings Chistian

  12. Hello,

    Do you have in stock size 6E, 6d, 6.5d available?


  13. Do you have 6.5D / 7D in stock?

  14. Hello.
    As a precaution, also sent in English.
    8D size do you have stock yet?

  15. I want a size 7.5´╝îis it available´╝č

  16. Do you have these in 10.5E ?

  17. Brian, do you have them in my side 11.5 d?
    i would like to see them


  18. Do you have any in 12.5 ?

  19. Tom…9.5 D available?

  20. tom…9.5 D?

  21. not too familiar with the sizing… if I’m an 11.5 in a Jcrew indy.. what would the preferred size be in these? and do you have that size?


  22. Do you have 8E or 8.5D in stock?

  23. I just received my boot this morning and it is stunning. This was my first order from LS and your staff was great. Thank you for my birthday present.

  24. HI

    which is the last of the boots?


  25. same response to all entries…”sold out” begs the question…why post em?

    • Bob,

      We only post “SOLD OUT!” when the shoes sell out. When the shoes arrive in-store they are available for sale until they get sold out.



  26. I want a size 7.5D´╝îis it available´╝č

  27. People are asking about specific sizes and he’s saying that’s sold out. Is it just those sizes, or are they ALL sold out now. The blog post implies that they’re not. What sizes are left?

  28. These definitely flew out the door as quickly as we could stock them on our inventory shelves!

    We do have 1 pair left available for the lucky person that has a size 5.5D Barrie foot.

  29. Hi -what is the diffence in size between these boots in 5.5D compared to the Indy Boot last in a size 6C. Thanks

  30. Hi when r u stocking for this again?

  31. Hi Tom

    I saw the about comment, I really must buy one, my size is 7.5E, is possible pre order near future ? Thank you very much.


  32. Hi – are these “tanker” boots?

  33. Will you be restocking these in the near future?

  34. will these still be ordered this year? also, they are barrie, correct? Thanks!

  35. Is this or the NST blucher in cxl going to be restocked?

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