Ryan Plett

Ryan Plett, Creative Director of Style Seek and author of TravelWell and YHBTI visited us at LSW this week during his visit to Oahu. It was nice to meet another extremely passionate individual in “the business.”

I was able to spend some time with Ryan taking him around to some of our usual spots such as Side Street Inn and Gaku. Ryan was gracious enough to feature some of our time together on his websites. There’s a bunch of amazing pictures of Oahu. Please take a look and spread the word!

Mahalo Ryan, until we meet again!

TravelWell: www.travelwelldocumented.com
YHBTI: www.youhavebrokentheinternet.blogspot.com

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  1. It’s rare to see many shots of LS online. But Rayn has done a great job showcasing LS and your beautiful Island. Even before I knew what Aldens were, Hawaii has been a dream destination for me. I’m hoping in 2013 to make it out there and definately visit your shop in person.

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