Alden Shoe – Kudu Ultimate Indy Re-Stock (LSW)


March 30, 2012

We’ve just received a very small (24 pair) restock of our Kudu Ultimate Indys at LSW. This time, we’re offering them with tan cotton laces as well as the original flat waxed laces. It’s amazing how much laces change the look of a pair of boots.

As always, our Ultimate Indys are on the Trubalance last with a commando sole.

Give us a call or shoot us an email if you are interested. Please remember, comments left on the blog aren’t the most effective way to contact us.


39 Responses to Alden Shoe – Kudu Ultimate Indy Re-Stock (LSW)

  1. Do you have a stock of 10D? Although my size fits by 10D of a Hawaiian tanker, is it satisfactory in the same size?

  2. Great style, 8 1/2 EEE by any chance? Thanks

  3. Would love a pair of these in a 9.5 if available.

  4. Kudu Indys arrived today, and they did not disappoint. My sincere thanks for the excellent service. Bryan and Joe from LSBH are the reason I keep coming back. And Oki is a real miracle worker. Keep up the good work.

  5. This boot is a slam dunk! Great job, guys!

  6. Please do a plain-toe Indy Kudu boot…

  7. Any size 9 available?

  8. Any size 8.5D??

  9. Christopher Chin on

    Are the laces for sale? Would like a pair for my Kudu Indy.

  10. oh how I wish I had jumped on this from the get go. time to await the next return of the ultimate indy in kudu.

  11. Hello,

    These arrived last week and they’re wonderful. From where did you source the tan laces? I’d like to get several backup pairs.


  12. Do you have these in an 11.5d?

  13. Hi, is there a change for a 10c or a 10d ?

  14. Hi, is there a change for a 10 c or 10 d ?

    Thanks, Jim

  15. I am wondering if you have any 12.5’s in stock of this boot?

  16. Do you have an 11 in stock?

  17. Do yall have any size 10’s in stock? Thanks.

  18. Do you have a size 8 in stock?

  19. Hello
    Do you have any Alden’s on the modified or trubalance last in 11 EEE?

  20. Are there any of these boots still available?

  21. any plans for a re-stock of this? if so, pre-orders available?
    (or for any of the ultimate indy variants?)

  22. I’m really thinking you oughta do a restock of these, with a mailing list.

    I’d be all over them. Gimme. 🙂

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