Red Dainite Resole from B.Nelson Shoe


April 25, 2012

I recently had my friend Nick V. at B.Nelson Shoe Repair in NYC resole my “beater” Alden 986s with a red Dainite sole and natural welt. I wanted to jazz them up a bit for wear with jeans and chinos. I was quite impressed with the extremely fast turnaround and quality of their work.

LS approved! Give them a try! B.Nelson Shoe Repair

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  1. The job definitely looks professional!

    Did these shoes originally have a Dainite sole on them, or a different rubber sole? I notice on their form they have a rubber option and a “convert leather to rubber” option as well.

    They look like they would stand up awesome to bad, rainy weather too! Is the Dainite sole thicker than the one you originally had on? Maybe it’s just the brick color playing with my eyes.


  2. Wow, those look super nice. Did you also chang the welt from an all around(?) to those? I was thinking of doing that to my Longwings, but I wasn’t sure it was possible or not.

  3. I recently starting getting all my footwear needs done at Nick’s shop – friendly people and quality service and seeing this transformation makes me really impressed!

  4. Looks better than factory. The dainite looks to be thinner than factory, and the base has a subtle and smooth rounded-off edge.
    Additionally, the red and natural, and even the white stitching, highlight the burgandy undertones of what I think is a color 8. Lightens it all up. Good choice.

  5. Douglas Dow on

    I was in NYC a few weeks ago and took the opportunity to take my Wolverine 1000 Miles boots to Nick. I had him put the same red Dainite soles plus a mid sole. They just arrived and look fabulous. Thanks for the introduction.

  6. I was just in Nick’s shop getting toe taps put on and chatted with Nick about the red dainite sole that is catching people’s eye. He was working up a pair of Carmina shell boots with an oiled Rendenbach sole and a storm welt. Looked great.

    Nick is first-rate and I enthusiastically recommend him. More than just running a repair shop, Nick brings a real creativity to design and is alwys looking for ways to innovate. Always find myself hanging out, talking shoes for a half hour when I stop in to pick up or drop off a job.

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