Alden Shoe – Ravello Shortwing Restock (LSW)


May 8, 2012

The other Alden shoe we brought with us to the Style Forum 10th Anniversary Celebration was our Alden ravello shell cordovan shortwing. We expected to sell them all while in San Francisco but ended up bringing most of them back with us to LSW.

We’ve already sold most in-store at LSW by posting time but there are a few pairs left in stock between 9-11D ready to ship.


34 Responses to Alden Shoe – Ravello Shortwing Restock (LSW)

  1. Christopher Sanchez on

    do these have the leather souls?

    I am a 9.5D on the Barrie last. Do you have a pair in this size?


    Christopher Sanchez

  2. gorgeous. wish you had a 7.

  3. Chris Zaharis on

    Wish you had an 8

  4. Those are beautiful. Please oh please do a wing tip boot in either ravello or ideally cigar.

  5. wish you had a 8.5

  6. hey tom,

    any chance there is a 9.5?

  7. wish you had a 7.5.

  8. Checked the website earlier today. Called LSW immediately and spoke to Ken (very pleasant) – much to my surprise, and delight, a 9D was available. Needless to say it is en route to me as I type. I had been holding out for another Ravello model (I have the Ravello ptb and captoe blucher, wonderful models in their own right). I was on a wait list for the Ravello LWB but I had some reservations given that I already have the LWB in whiskey, cigar, black and color 8. This model, in terms of what I was looking for, is perfect, and quite unique. Kudos to LS for teaming with Alden to produce yet another fabulous shoe.

  9. Do you have a pair available in 9D? Thank you.

  10. Gordon Ngai on

    Sold instantly….

  11. good god, i am never going to get a pair of these.
    if anyone bought the 7.5 but changes their mind please let me know

  12. Sigh. This is my DREAM shoe. Called last night around 5:45, and 10D was gone, but the gentleman on the phone was very pleasant to deal with and let me down elegantly. I check this site every day, but I better start checking multiple times a day!!

  13. Forgot to add – we need more short wings. Too many long wings out there!!

  14. Guess who just called with news that they had sourced a pair after all?!

    Bryan and Leather Soul, I tip my glass of Laphroaig to you!

  15. Will any short wings be available for special order in the foreseeable future in either shell or calf? Thanks.

  16. wish you had a 7´╝čThanks

  17. yes, please, we need special order )) my feet to wide for this awesome shoes )) please please )))

  18. Got the shoes on May 14. In a word: splendid.

  19. howard lenow on

    is there any way to get in on an order of these ravello short wings in an 11.5e? I can wait?

  20. Just want to be certain you don’t have any of these magnificent shoes left in a 9.5?

  21. Just received mine last night; all the way up here in Ontario, Canada (slow postal service).

    There are no words, just beautiful. A pair I will have for life.

    Thank you again Tom and Takuya for your outstanding service.

  22. These are beautiful! Any word on when you will get a restock?

  23. What last is this? Barrie?

  24. dream shoe!

    I was just wondering what do these retail for?

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