Alden Shoe – The #990 and #9901 (LSW & LSBH)


July 27, 2012

Contrary to popular belief, Alden’s stock offerings continue to be our best sellers.

The #990 and #9901 are #2 and #3 on our top seller list proving that basics are best.

(Barrie last, $675.00)

79 Responses to Alden Shoe – The #990 and #9901 (LSW & LSBH)

  1. Do you have 5.5D?

  2. Randy Renick on

    12.5 or 13?

  3. A classic. Every shoe rotation should have a pair of 990s.

  4. What’s the difference between the two versions?

  5. what is #1?? just curious…haha

  6. Agreed – as to the above post about the 990’s.

    Tom: If the 990 and 9901 are 2 and 3 on your best sellers list, what is 1?

  7. Do you have a size 6D?

  8. its got to be the LHS or the 975.

  9. I think he’s said in the past that the #8 chukka was…i could be wrong.

  10. Is this black cordovan? or color 8?

  11. ah, would have been my other pic.

  12. Thanks Tom.

  13. Do you have a size 10 and 9.5?

  14. Do you have 12 c/d ?
    Did these come unlined recently ?

  15. Do you have a size 7D and 7.5D(#8color)?

  16. Do you have #9901 8D ???

  17. Hiroaki Saito on

    Do you have a Size6,(#990 color #8)?

  18. I Cordovan Plain Toe Blucher Oxford 990

    Want to buy.(Dark Burgundy Shell Cordovan)

    However, because of the Customs Tariff of the Republic of Korea is cause for concern.

    The price of this product

    Under-Value under $ 200, I would like to know if you can do.

    If possible, I can now purchase.

  19. Do you have a #9901 7.5D?

  20. hi

    Are you 7 D or 7E ? in 990 cordovan Dark burgundy shell cordovan

    regards !

  21. Pappy included with shoe purchase?

  22. Do you have a Size10 D,(#990 color #8)?
    Best Regard.

  23. Do you have a #990 10D?

  24. こんにちは。

  25. hi
    Im going to hawaii from November 22, the size of the 9.5 or10 D ALDEN SHOE – THE #990 AND #9901 ?

  26. Do you have size 7.5 in #990?

  27. Hi Tom,
    The length of my foot is 26.5 cm and the width is 11 cm.
    What size should I wear in Alden shoe. Have you got them in my size?
    Thanks a lot.

  28. Do you have a size 8?

  29. #990 のサイズ6.5Eはございますでしょうか?

  30. Do you have 10E?

  31. Do you have a #990 6E?

  32. hello.
    Do u have 8.5D?

  33. hello
    do u have 6.5d or 7d??

  34. hello
    are there 6d size?
    e-mail please~

  35. Can u answer about date?plz^^

  36. Hello,
    I am looking for a size 9D in the 990 & 9901.
    Do you have these in stock or if not can you order them?

  37. DO YOU HAVE 6.5D ALDEN 990?

  38. Do you have 9901 9.5D or 9.5E or 10D or 10E?
    Thank you.

  39. Eiichiro Hanzawa on

    Dear Sir

    Do you have a stock of #9901(Size:8D)?

  40. hello!
    i am looking for 9901 6.5D.
    do you have the size?

    (+ do you have tanker boots?)

  41. Eiichiro Hanzawa on

    Dear Sir

    Do you have a stock of ALDEN #9901(Size:6.5D)?


  42. Hi,

    Do you have 7.5D 990 for stock? I wear boots US7.5D normally. What size should I choose? And Do you ship to Shanghai?

  43. Do you have a #9901(Size:6.5D)?

    • Tak,

      Sorry, due to the demand for shell cordovan, we are not allowing mail orders for shell cordovan at this time.



  44. Hello.
    I am looking for a size 8D in the Alden 990.
    do you have the size?

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