Alden Shoe – Snuff Suede Slip On Chukka (LSBH)


August 24, 2012

Adding to the snuff suede theme is our latest version of the slip on chukka. Perfect as a casual travel shoe, the slip on chukka is easy to put on and take off and looks great with chinos or jeans.

A single oiled flex leather sole coupled with Alden’s buttery soft suede make this chukka boot extremely comfortable to wear.


22 Responses to Alden Shoe – Snuff Suede Slip On Chukka (LSBH)

  1. HI,
    Can you describe the last, is it narrow medium or wide? I normally where size 8 US, What size should I order? Thanks


  2. こんにちは。

    Barrie last の chukka で、6Dを履いています。
    Copley last は小さめでしょうか?



  3. Are they available in 71/2?
    If so are they in the Leyden last? And would a D be appropriate?

  4. Hi,
    What widths are available please?
    Many thanks,

  5. I’m a 7 Barrie and a 7.5 Aberdeen last normal d
    what size and do you have it in the chukka slipon,(Copley Last)
    BTW can I see photo of sole

  6. Tom –

    Which Alden Last is this built upon?

    Thanks, george

  7. I’m a UK size 10.5, US width D. Is that enough info to work out my size for these beauties?
    Thanks, AR.

  8. Do you have these available in a size 13D?


  9. Tom,

    8.5 D in Barrie last chukkas fit perfectly. What size would you suggest in these?


  10. Dominick Infante on

    Hello, are these available in a 10 1/2?

  11. Do you have a size 10 D or E of the Suede Chukka still in stock.


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