JM Weston – 180 Loafer in Hunter Green (LSW)

Our latest JM Weston classic #180 loafer makeup is in Hunter Green. Green has been a very popular color in recent years and we are extremely excited to release the ever so classic #180 loafer in a very non-classic color.

($815.00, shoe trees included)

11 Responses to JM Weston – 180 Loafer in Hunter Green (LSW)

  1. Katsuhiro Funakoshi on

    5H Eはありますか?

  2. I used to have it but i sold it on ebay, the only problem is how you’re going to wear it ?
    This color is not easy to match… I prefer to stick with color like black, brown , navy blue or burgundy…….

  3. Tom,
    You’re right about that ! But again this is not an easy colour, black colour is a must have it in a wardrobe in my opinion, but there’s no doubt about it , it ‘s a question of taste !

  4. Hi guys. i love this shoe. i wear a size 11.5D in a ferragamo lace up – i have plenty of room. i would be wearing this shoe without socks – i live in Miami. what size would you suggest? what’s the sole made of?

  5. hey guys, how can i purchase this shoes?

  6. Emmett Durham on

    I’ve not seen these before, but notice the date stamp is almost two years old. Anymore of them left?

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