UK Trip Report I

During the week of October 21st, Tom, Takuya, Shane, and Bryan were fortunate to visit England, with visits to our UK partners’¬†factories. The main purpose of the trip however was to create our own line of shoes, branded “LS,” or Leather Soul. We hope to launch our line sometime mid 2013.

Our first visit was to Springline, England’s only proper last maker. During our visit we were able to start the development process of our first two lasts, the TP78 round toe and the JP07 square toe.

Stay tuned for more…

2 Responses to UK Trip Report I

  1. Wow very cool stuff Tom.

    Any details on what uppers you will be using? (shell/ calf /suede etc?)

    Congrats on this new adventure. I’m very much looking forward to updates.


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