Alden Shoe – Cigar Jumper Boots (LSDT)

Cigar shell cordovan has been extremely hard to come by recently so we are very excited to receive these Cigar Jumper Boots just in time for the opening of LSDT.


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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful.
    too bad that me and the store is 6k miles away. lol.

  2. Yellow Hook Neckties on

    Gorgeous boot…too bad only for lucky locals…holler if there’s any stock that goes up for mail order! Rob

  3. Gorgeous… too bad… not coming to Hawaii for vacay this year!! 🙁

  4. Hey Tom –

    Boots are beautiful. What’s the address of the new store?


  5. Aloha, Tom

    the cigar jumper boot is outstanding. more important, good luck on the opening of LSDT. Please post pictures of the opening ceremony


  6. Will you have a pair in 10.5 E?

  7. Ugh. Those are BEAUTIFUL. If only I didn’t live thousands of miles away!

    Good luck on the opening, fellas!

  8. What time will you open on December 18?

    • Tamara,

      10:00am. However, if you are waiting for a size please email us first since they will be released to our LS Club members earlier so we cannot guarantee availability of all sizes on the 18th.



  9. Jedsada Darakamas on

    Hi there,
    Just wondering how much for ship to australia?


  10. too bad for only instore…

  11. So how do you become a LS Club member?

  12. Wow! I go weak. Dear lord, I have sinned for there is lust in my heart!

  13. Aloha Tom,

    Thanks so much for your quick response! I need a size 8.5D. I’m actually doing a favor for a friend in Arizona since I live here on Oahu. If anyone else would like a pair picked up and shipped to you, let me know! I’m your girl 🙂

    How do I go about becoming a LS Club member?

    I’ll see you bright and early on the 18th!


  14. Hello Tom, will you have an 8D available? If so, Tamara will you be willing to pick up and ship for a small fee?



  15. Yeah, I want in as well, Tamara I’ll pay you a fee.

  16. This is a case of lucky you work downtown!

    I used to go to your original store all the time while it was there – so glad you’re back!

    Do you have these in 10.5 D (regular)?

    If so I’ll try to reschedule appointments on the 18th – many thanks,


  17. Aloha Mike,

    Send me an e-mail at and we can discuss the shipping if Tom confirms your size.


  18. Hi Tom , what is the smallest size?



  19. Glad you’re back downtown – great location!

    Do you have these in 10.5 D? Would love a pair,


  20. Dear all,

    Sorry, we are not allowing proxy sales. Please be prepared to be sized.



  21. Hi Tom,
    Lovely pair. Do you still have any in 8D.

  22. Hi Tom,

    Wondering if you will have the following sizes on Tuesday…8.5E, 9D, 9.5? Would love to help some mainlanders out!


    • Tamara,

      As I wrote above, we will not be allowing proxy sales. You must visit and be sized.

      Everyone is really overlooking the purpose of this in-store release. If we merely wanted to sell these things to mail order customers, they would have been presold a long long time ago.



  23. I want to buy them.
    Do you stock size 7D?

  24. Beautiful! I know I am prolly too late, any size 10D remaining?

  25. Reginald Pryor on

    The shell cordovan, cigar color, Jumper Boot in size 13D is what I would purchase as soon as it becomes available. The Alden trubalance last fits me, well. Let me know how to get on a pre-order list for this boot. The style and color will work well with both casual and business casual attire. This boot could work with full business attire, as well–grays, browns, blues, solid colors, pin stripes, window panes, checks, etc.

  26. Reginald Pryor on

    Is it possible to place a paid order for the Alden shell cordovan Jumper boot, size 13D on the trubalance last?

  27. Reginald Pryor on

    Oh, I desire the cigar shell, jumper boot.

  28. Brian Johnstone on

    are you going to restock this in ravello, cigar or 8 soon?

    and how much would it be? (the price isnt up because it’s sold out)

    • Brian,

      We may offer it again in #8. The price is set at arrival. The last release was $675 for #8 I believe.



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