Alden Shoe – #8 Pitt Boot (LSW)

Our Alden Pitt Boots continue to be one of our most coveted boots. The details of a double waterlock sole, antique edgetrim, and vintage inspired rubber heel are what make this boot the winner that it is.

It’s funny that we haven’t already released a #8 version of this boot but regardless of that we are happy to finally release it to you now.


24 Responses to Alden Shoe – #8 Pitt Boot (LSW)

  1. Do. You have these boots in 7E?

    Thank you.

    Lee Chait

  2. I want to buy them!!
    Do you stock size 7D?

  3. Do you have 9D or 9E?
    I live in japan and appreciate if you could send it here..
    how much is the shipping cost?

  4. Hi Tom,
    Do you ave this in 8D?

  5. Do you have this in 8E Tom? Todd

  6. Hi Tom,
    Do you have this boots in 8E?
    Thank you.

  7. Hi Tom,
    Do you ave this in 6.5D?

  8. Very sharp. Like the antique and heel.

  9. I want to buy them.
    Do you stock size 7D?

  10. Grabbed a pair 10D from Shig! Excellent customer service and communication…can’t wait to receive them.


  11. Can I email you directly to see if you have my size?

  12. Hi Tom,
    Do you ave this in 7D?

  13. Hi,

    Which last do these boots have?

  14. Do u have 7.5d?
    and this pair in which last?

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