Alden Shoe – Vintage Jumper Restock (LSW)

We’ve just received a small restock of our Vintage Jumper Boots at LSW.

Horween oiled nubuck makes this book look like it went to war and back…in a good way.


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  1. Re: Alden Horween Oiled Nubuck
    LSW Vintage Jumper

    Does Leather Soul have the Alden Vintage Jumper Horween oiled nubuck (trubalance last) in size 13D in stock? If so, will it come from your Beverly Hills store or from one of the Hawaii stores? To order, do I call or order on line?

    Second high interest:

    The shell cordovan jumper (trubalance last) in cigar or black are high on my list to purchase, so when might Leather Soul have these in stock or on order in size 13D?

    Are these only pre-order items, and if so when would this process begin?

  2. thanks anyway! Happy New Year

  3. Tom, If you have a 10D available, consider it sold!

    Greg in Florida!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. Would love to know which store has them in 11D and 12D. Thanks!

  5. Happy holidays….do you have an 11D? Also, is the soul traditional double leather?

  6. I absolutely love these…I can’t wait to be in town next week, hopefully you’ll still have some in stock.

  7. Hello. Do you have a 9.5D remaining in the Vintage Jumper Boots at LSW?

    Also, which sole does this boot have? Leather or commando?

    Many sincere thanks and Happy New Year.

  8. Tom, how does this leather differ from the oiled kudu leather that Alden uses? Also, what type of sole do these have?

  9. Bought a pair of Alden big punch cap toes 8930 in a 8 1/2 D and they fit pretty well, not sure what last it is, but i bought them from you guys. Can you tell me what last they are and also what would be a comparable size in the trubalance last?


  10. Do you have a 9D left?

  11. Sir,
    Was wondering how the last compares to the Barrie. I have a calf wingtip boot in 10D Barrie last and they are snug on the sides but the boot looks like it could be too long when it’s on my foot. Was wondering if the trubalance last is wider and if I should try the 9.5…

  12. Do u have a 8D left?

  13. Will another order of these be placed ever? If so, would you please add me to the list (8D)? Thanks!

  14. Justin McDermott on

    I recently purchased a pair of these Jumper boots. I haven’t found any definitive answers. What is the best way to clean and care for oiled nubuck? What do you recommend? Thanks!

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