Saint Crispin’s – The PC Boot (LSW)

Another amazing makeup by our friend PC, the “PC Boot” by Saint Crispin’s, showcases everything about Saint Crispin’s we love. The strong, chiseled lines, incredible hand work, and amazing finishing make this such a spectacular boot. A Russian calf inspired grained calf was chosen for the ankle and shaft while Horween shell cordovan was used for the balance. A Norvegese hand welt adds substance and functionality.

This boot is available via MTO only.

(*Price available upon request*, lasted, hollowed shoe trees included)

6 Responses to Saint Crispin’s – The PC Boot (LSW)

  1. aloha tom,
    what color is the shell? do you have the option to request a different shell color?


  2. OMG – now that is a real freaking boot. I’m officially blown away.

    Amazing job on acquiring these LS.

  3. Are these still available?

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