Tom’s Favorites – Yakiniku Hiroshi


January 7, 2013

Yakiniku Hiroshi is probably my favorite place to eat in Hawaii. The quality and cuts of meat are second to none and comparable to some of the better yakiniku restaurants in Japan in my opinion.

For those who are unfamiliar with yakiniku style dining, flavorful cuts of raw meat are served to you and you grill the meat right on your table to your liking. A variety of side dishes and soups accompany the meal.

Yakiniku Hiroshi also boasts a great selection of fine wines but I prefer their Japanese “nama” or draft beer on tap.

Tom’s Tip: Order the Platinum Course. It’s the priciest course meal on the menu but also the best value and will leave you completely satisfied.

Yakiniku Hiroshi
339 Royal Hawaiian Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96815

6 Responses to Tom’s Favorites – Yakiniku Hiroshi

  1. Hey Tom – I know you don’t come to New York all that often, but would you happen to have any suggestions for better Yakiniku restaurants in Manhattan? Thanks.

    • Jeff,

      Haven’t tried any yakiniku spots in NYC but the one I would like to try is Takashi on Hudson Street in the West Village.



  2. Great, thanks for the suggestion Tom. I will take a look and let you know how it is if you don’t beat me to it. Thanks again.

  3. Hey Jeff H and Tom. I recently went to Takashi and it is great just like everyone says. Everything is quality and they have all kinds of cow organs that are hard to find elsewhere

  4. Yup, ordered almost everything there! The shiso and fresh wasabi cut through the richness perfectly. Make sure to get an early res. The menu items sell out pretty quickly

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